A secret chamber has been discovered at Macchu Picchu. What could be inside? Learn more in this collection of scenes from “The New Evidence.” #AncientAliens Subscribe for more from Ancient…



  1. Antigravity antimatter warm holes bending Space Time is what I call the 2nd laws of physics the Invisible / Mysterious law of physics they are Connected / Bound to Our laws of physics Exp: Nothing can go Faster than the speed of light but there is a way to get from point A To B Faster then a Beam of light ( With out Moving much ) we Humans Only been flying for Less then 200 years just think what Kind Technology the Human race will have in the year 4000 which is not much time when it comes to Galactic history I am sure soon our Scientists will figure it out / Understand GRAVITY , Space Time if they already haven’t

  2. en algunos capitulos de este canal vi que pachacuteq era un tipo que tenia un disco solar de material extraterrestre, pues asi dominaba los 4 elementos, tenia un disco entregado por su padre el dios sol, osea un hombre de otro planeta…….etc, etc…no se de donde carajo se inventaron esa locura….giorgio creo se llama el loco ese.


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