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  1. To get back in control of this misery of life.
    We have to 1.
    Uncouple the word theorist from conspiracy,
    2.uncouple fact from reptiles,flat earh,aliens,&Dave icke maybe
    3. Because this misdirection of aliens just ailenates us(see what I did there) from the truth.

  2. B4 the net,www,&you tube,as well as 5 TV channels being the only visual&opinions without any opposite views.
    I too read "chariots of the gods"by von Dannjken & I was convinced but more I wanted to believe it was all true. It plays into the human instinct/want/ need to not be alone.
    I DO BELIEVE WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE, However sheer distance makes our visitations by aliens,not possible.
    I do believe in aliens though!
    I also believe in UFOS too,because there exactly that, there Unidentified, Flying, Objects. Think about the exact meanings of these 3 words, then reassess really they should be called misidentified flying objects.
    Next as an example Aliens could be Mexican and illegal, almost everyone who enter a countries with out a passport are considered YES " aliens.
    The reality is such theories are doing a disservice to anybody who highlights a CONSPIRACY FACT.ENABLING ACTUAL CONSPIRATORS TO GET AWAY (IN PLAIN SIGHT) WITH… describing anyone whose onto them as crazy conspiracy theorists.

  3. I think it's typically racist….. white people cannot accept if these monuments were built by brown people…. That they would credit aliens before they would accept that a brown people had the mathematical know how to build these structures

  4. I think it's odd the person that made this video seems to miss the whole point of Ancient Aliens.  He uses all of the old mainstream theories (explanations) as his facts to debunk the Ancient Aliens theories.  The whole point of Ancient Aliens is to provide possible explanations to the unanswered questions left by the mainstream theories.  

    I watched this for 3 hours waited for the debunking to start but it never happens.  

  5. I wonder why they can create this kind of knowledge. The pecfect angle ang calculation. Wow its amazing. Are you sure that this is build by ancient humans? Wat a nice idea. Even modern humans its hard for them to build that king of building if you dont have a knowledge to build it.

  6. humans were the last creation. the first creation were angels which roam in the universe spiritually. sky and aquatic animals then land animals and finally humans made in the image and likeness of God and given a eternal spirit. their is no other creations after that. the answer for the massive universe and all that space is that angels dwell in the second heaven(universe) and go between the 3rd Heaven, Gods eternal dwelling place through the universe to reach earth in order to perform Gods will and minister to those who will receive salvation.angels do appear in physical form but just like through biblical history they do not show their true form nor do you see their wings. they appear like you and me and disguise their intentions to test those under God.
    Hebrews 13:1-2
    Let love of the brethren continue. 2Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.

  7. Doesn't matter if those Supreme Beings were from another planet or from one of many Civilizations that grew here on Earth…. The real thing is… The buildings are an inconvenient! For the poor ortodox science! Are you aware of gobekli tepe? And what about bosnian Pyramids in Europe?

  8. Well the constructions he didn't explain, the difficulty,precision, complexion,..doesn't fit almost ''stone age people.'' If it would, all they other constructions, would look different. If almost ''stone age'' person would know to bulid, let's say Puma Punku, he wouldn't have any difficulty to build a modern house. Fact.I don't know how to explain this. But few pieces of art was good explained.

  9. Even the fact that these so-called primitives could manufacture such tools using forges makes them advanced peoples. I don't subscribe to the alien theory. It takes away credit for man's creative mind. We are endowed by our creator with the ability to use our minds to create…that is God's image spoken of. "God created man in his own image" with His creative mind and spirit.

  10. Explain the ancient structures off the coasts of Japan and India, Bimini and England. I don't believe these were build by aliens but ancient advance humans that existed during the ice age, when the sea levl was low. When the ice melted these cities were buried under water. The changes, caused by a solar maximum that may have reversed the poles and caused upheavals or possibly a meteorite strike…man has been through many unavoidable changes in earth's climate. We had to adapt to survive.

  11. I would suggest that no, it wasn't aliens that built these amazing structures and alligned them so close to perfection but that it was human technological ingenuity that was passed on from an even older technological civilization that existed on earth. I think human civilization has existed for many thousands of years and that we are now only re-discovering our technological past. Ancient batteries and other evidences of technology have been found.


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