Part 3: Part 1: This is not a Flat Earth documentary, but it debunks the Alien agenda promoted by MEDIA and SCIENTISM….



  1. Only uneducated naive suckers believe the lies of people like Ancient Aliens, Travis Walton, Giorgio Tsoukalos(stupid hair loser), Billy Meier, Phil Schneider, Ed Walters, Betty/Barney Hill, Bill Birnes and Bob Lazar.

  2. this video has so much great reasoning and explination, only one problem, I've seen to much for myself. What this demonstrates is that some of the so-called experts do is over reach, their over reaching and your explination does not negate what people have actually experienced for themselves. good try though , keep up the good work

  3. Interesting point about the Tolima jets, created by the Quimbaya. It does seem, on the face of it, that they were attempting to represent sucker mouth catfish, but I find the lack of a dorsal fin interesting, considering the amount of detail put in, and not something that the creators of these artifacts would just forget to add. Another interesting feature associated with artifacts of this type are a group of four short vertical rods arranged to form a square at the back, and not as far as I am aware associated with any fish. As a final point., Let us for arguments sake, consider that there were aircraft flying around in those times, the people who saw them would probably thought they were creatures, not knowing about technology, and attributed living attributes to them, such as eyes and mouth.

  4. Great doco, thanks for sharing. I used to be a huge fan of Ancient Aliens and Sitchin's books but I've since found out what utter lies they're all based on. It was great to learn about the REAL research on all of these things. I always loved the little golden 'airplane' figurines and now I love them even more to know there's 100's and they're fish/animals!

  5. There is a difference between something being round and something being a globe. A dinner plate is round, but not a globe. Like we see other planets from earth, round. Only the NASA tech-wizards can portray globes. Even the sun, when looked at through a telescope from earth, looks like a round disc, and not a globe or ball. And i am pretty sure that the Bible or some testament, describes the earth as flat, with the firmament and what not. And that would look round from high up in the "heavens" aswell I guess when looking at pictures of that description. Other videos on YT describes the flat-earth/globe transition both scientifically and religiously in more debth.


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