History as we know it will change forever with the premiere of Ancient Aliens on April 10th at 9/8c on HISTORY. Subscribe for more Ancient Aliens: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9MAhZQQd9egwWC…



  1. a well-deserved downvote ^_^

    I would not blame you if — by the title alone — you were to throw this bit of halucinogenic fiction right in the bin of that media outlet

    it's those moments when "objectivity" comes about solely by a handful of people claiming how certain delusional "experiences" of theirs are indeed true despite a total lack of verification

    the pope's words couldn't outperform these psychotropic ramblings that try so very hard using heaps of cheap animations and NLP to mess with the neural pathways of those too feeble to just ignore the junky bits of our collective thinking and perhaps enjoy a more blissful moment of silent awareness in the here and now instead

  2. The last episode should end with the ancient aliens guy Giorgio A. Tosoukalos talking about aliens as a space ship breaks through the roof.And sends its tractor beam down and sucks him up after he boards the ship he sees a million Giorgio A. Tosoukalos's and is reunited with his people.But it turns out their ship gets attacked by the Evil Lord Gabe Newell.And they have to blow up his space ship the Cleveland Steamer.

  3. Yes I know that the History channel isn't history anymore. If you want to watch serious documentaries watch PBS. Ancient Aliens is a fun show so please people, lighten up.

  4. Giorgio Tsoukalos rocks! He needs to again rock that 70s-style disco look he had in one episode (complete with a few buttons undone and chest hair coming out). I spent that whole episode laughing so hard I completely was not paying attention to what the episode was about. =D

  5. The add is funny, but in all seriousness, get this fucking trash off HISTORY. All of this ancient aliens bullshit is not history, science, or archaeology and is an insult to human achievement.

  6. Way 2 Go Giorgio!! *grins face off,,i LOVE this commercial! ,,,imho..your hair is Fine, Perfect, just as as is..very Cool, actually…making it the Star of this add?….Brilliant!! ….wake em up Giorgio, show em whats Really going on in Reality….the majority have been deliberate sleeping zombies for far too long…..Rock em!

  7. Let me guess… Someone comes out of the closet and announces that they are an alien, they start flipping out on set, trip, break their nose in the end causing a bloody catastrophe changing History Channel forever


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