Science is about to unlock the secrets to human immortality, but is it possible that we aren’t the first humans to reach this point? Find out in this collection of scenes from “The Next Humans.”…



  1. Aliens: We shall give them this substance in order to contact us and for there technological advance this can be used for energy and space craft propulsion.
    Humans: Hello Class, Today we will be going over Mercury, Please get out you're note books and start making notes
    Aliens: Are these people dumb?

  2. You took it too far away, mate. It's a basic natural human's instinct to feel unsatisfied with his physical or logical quality that one would imagine to "re-design" himself. Both ancient and modern people can absolutely think about the same thing since we are humans. The possibility that we can set our children's or our own DNA is a product of human's evolution and not something out there secretly directing us. Well, it's a scientific thing after all. It makes more sense to relate it with another scientific thing like evolution rather than with old myths.

  3. It's ridiculous as a relation to Queen Hatshepsut as if you u believe that she actually was created from another deity than you would have to also believe everything else in Egyptian religion, so much of which is almost unknown as it is that confusing. However what is happening today with technology is kind of scary. What it has to do with Ancient Egypt, silly but entertaining haha.


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