Alan Turing created the enigma machine to break the Nazi code during WWII, but did he have help from above? Learn more in this collection of scenes from “The Visionaries.” #AncientAliens Subscribe…



  1. Can someone clarify to me. Are these short clips the actual video episodes? Seems like it's just cut down teaser trailers. Where do I go to watch the full length videos?
    This is bulls**t :c

  2. Information + disinformation = confusion. If they want you to know, you'll know. If they don't, you won't. If you ever discover something they don't want people to know, they'll just counter-balance it with disinformation, so the only thing you'll be left with is confusion. And as long as people live in confusion, the people don't know.

  3. well if that lunatic wilcox said so it must be true…lol most disregard his money seeking actions as alien fantasies…that and he predicted some weird planet to hit Hitler on the head and become knighted the first alien mystic of the alien panzer army.

  4. Of course! Alan Turing was in contact with aliens, because he was an alien himself! Anunnaki weren't too enjoyed by the Illuminati plans for the New World Order using Germany, so they sent their reptilian agent to UK in order to teach them to build computers. Then the Guardians of Earth called upon Cthulhu (enemy of both Illuminati and Anunnaki) to devour the reptilian Alan! His so called "suicide" was just the UK cover up from him becoming the snack of Cthulhu, who have no interest in the pesky humans getting a lot of technology.

  5. They take all this incredible evidence found worldwide and say it was Ancient Aliens that did it, because nobody can figure out how people could. Here's a radical thought. People back then were as intelligent (if not more than) as we are today. They were only limited by the materials they had to work with and available manpower. I can tell you what happened to the tools they used to create what is difficult for us today. The oldest tools we have found are made of stones, but the tools they used were unfortunately for history not made of such sturdy stuff. Think of the most complex tool you know of. Would it still be in one piece after a few centuries?

  6. So… E.T. broke the enigma code? Riiiight.
    If you would have posted this on April 1st. I would say fine. Nice try. But you are over two months late!!!

  7. Amazes me that some people have to have some1 or something else be responsible for the amazing things people do – after all we just couldn't possibly do it by ourselves 😉


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