Ancient Aliens S.13 Ep. 1 (Analysis & Review)



  1. My partner works at Gaia. We are hearing some very disturbing rumors. Jirka and Jay Weidner have exhibited some bizarre behavior and treatment of coworkers and talent. You are on the right track but should keep digging. Jirka has involvement with the State Department since the mid 90's. There is a lot of info about his time in Prague that will come out. He has been overheard talking about some secret technology that they plugged into the Gaia network. I know your devil friendly kind of guy, but Jirka's involvement in a very dark Luciferian Order in Denver will make most in this spiritual community very upset. Jirka brags about censoring his guests and controlling their narratives. It is getting to where none of the professionals in ufology will even discuss working on Gaia.

  2. CW – Great stuff. Thanks for taking us down paths of alternate thought in a way that only you can do.

    As for your closing comments, I agree. It’s all temporary, make the most of the time you have. Be spiritual, be kind to your animals, and spread the love everyday. Peace brother!

  3. I disagree with many things in ancient aliens, but I’ve yet to hear an explanation of how they lift 100 ton stones in Baalbek that we maybe could barely lift it today with our highest tech cranes. They used 12 wood cranes and 12 elephants yeah sure.


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