Russian astronauts encounter strange beings up in space in this collection of scenes from “Russia’s Secret Files.” #AncientAliens Subscribe for more from Ancient Aliens and other great HISTORY…



  1. As per Hindu texts Vedas… there are Saptarishi Mandala which is beyond the outer rim of earth. These outer rim are otherwise called as exosphere. Space shuttles usually orbits one rim or layer below called thermosphere. If these cosmonaut have reached above exosphere by any chance then this is likely.

    As per Hindu Vedas the layers around earth are totally 7 upwards including land where we live too. Our layer is Bhooloka the Stratosphere is Bhuvarloka and the last one is Satyaloka… and beyond this is a Saptarishi mandala. This is where the Saptarishis or 7 sages or saints live. I think what is described in this video as 7 alien beings are Saptarishis. They are considered as the initial forefathers of every race in the world. I'm sure that is why one of them whispered that he is an ancestor from the past.

  2. well yes .. they were seen outside of a space station.. which was above the earth.. so by definition they were extraterrestrial..!, but its alright ancient aliens.. ill try not to hold that against you.. its just you tend to use the term so arbitrarily that it basically loosing its credibility.. but im not so sure what other term you would use , so continue if you will.. great information still..


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