Is there a hidden city in the skies? Find out what the Chinese government could be hiding in this preview to “The Hidden Empire.” #AncientAliens Subscribe for more from Ancient Aliens and…



  1. On China. I do love your showed. But I have studied my other lives. Dragons are multi dimensional beings. They are reptilian. They are not space ships. I had a life in China. I was one of the sons of an Emperor. I died early of illness. My father sent one of his Dragons after me into this life. Yes Dragons fly and in there dimensions they live long lives so they can be in two to four of your other lives. I can see my blue colored Dragon in meditation or during Yoga. It looks Chinese. Now he sleeps more and his whiskers are turning grey. He is very wise. Dragons have never been space ships. I have seen space ships and hundreds of aliens plus the white science ships the planters.


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