Excavation has uncovered large amounts of liquid mercury inside numerous ancient burial chambers. Who put it there, and why? Learn more in this collection of scenes from “The New Evidence.”…



  1. I dreamed about such UFO. A ball with rotating axes. And till the day I wonder if I dreamed it first or saw it in a tv show first. I don't actually remember seeing it beforehand. I'm pretty sure there is something about it. Meanwhile I watched 3 Russian Alien action movies and they always design their UFOs like this. Now watching this and considering the fact that you can turn gold into mercury gets one thinking if all the ancient societies just horded all the gold fir the bling or if it was of some more technological and diplomatical value.

  2. stupid docunentary. next time istead of speculating u must ask the indian mystics as to why they found a thing like mercury. Mercury is used to consecrate a space. it has the right density and fluidity to hold that power. stupid speculations

  3. I agree with Humano……all this evidence could have convinced the greats like Newton or Oppenhwimer, that there is much more to our earth than we know.
    However, it is the wannabe rationalists who have a perrenial problem of denial.

  4. What?!
    Well what about alloying gallium, indium, and tin and adding dilute sulfuric acid to make galinstan?!
    Galinstan is a liquid alloy with a freezing point of 10 degrees Celsius, or 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Add a little bismuth, and the freezing point gets even lower.
    The galinstan with the layer of gallium sulfate will act a lot like mercury and it's non-toxic!
    It's also conductive.
    What if most aliens use galinstan, and only a few aliens still use toxic mercury.
    They found large quantities of gallium in Arizona.
    No one knows where the gallium came from.

  5. These relics are ancient machines of the Nephilim. The most recent 'official, academic interpretations' was the lame comparison to the presence of the Mercury nothing but an artistic representation of a river "like the river Styx" this genius scientist says. Talk about a feeble reach, but they must parrot their academic peers and benefactors line.

    The "Ancient Astronaut" is their latest manufactured theory they are giving an air of "science" but the speculation is completely unprovable, but a great distraction on the truth of the Bible, the writings in the books of Enoch, Jubilees and Jasher. These so-called investigators, professors and scientists they use on a completely unprovable theory will NEVER explore the basis and explanation of these books, because it would lend too much credence to the Bible. Pieces would fit into place far better than their tripe.

    It's easier for them to believe these ancient, and more than you might think many of these alleged experts do, that these ancient gods will return once more to bless us with their advancements and enlightenment. These geniuses don't get when these so-called gods left-at the destruction of the world that THEY caused.

  6. Mercury is something people or aliens use to be able to move with out touching using tech or ability… like Magneto. Moreover just the ability to move something with our touching it and it can kill you other wise and then use it to block the way to things yeah that sounds like something a person would do who has more ability or tech then others.

  7. strange–as Paul in the bible was called==mecurius, could this be a connection somehow and why was he named this before God changed his name? just a thought. Also if you take mercury then freeze it and run and electrical charge through it it will float in mid air.


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