Why is the symbol of the egg present in all cultures? Does the answer lie out in the stars, or perhaps inside our own brains? Find out in this collection of scenes from “Decoding the Cosmic…



  1. This is wrong…. The third eye is the pineal gland- it is even hooked up to the visual cortex in the same way our eyes would and that is why it is known as the third eye…. in many ancient statues of the gods in the middle east the pine cone is used symbolically as the power of the third eye- the thalamus does control the connections that make our current consciousness, but the pineal gland produces dimethyltriptamine which allows our consciousness to leave the body and is released in a large amount at the moment our bodies die- the Egyptians, Indians, sumarians, ext all knew the power dmt has to offer for spiritual experiences-

  2. Obviously a lot of the commentators weren't born in the 70s I for one believe in the egg theory I personally met Mork from Mork & Mindy did everybody forget that he came on an egg if you don't know about this look it up on YouTube Mork & Mindy and you'll see what I'm talking about this is true

  3. I enjoy watching all these videos regardless if I believe them or not because at the end of the date their educational and one day something is going to be tied to all this so call nonsense from uneducated people people can't accept things above their IQ or thinks they can understand so they make the silly comments all I can say is try to be open-minded

  4. Plank did prove that earth can very possibly be in the center of the universe , but anti-God pro homosexuals western media wouldn't shine a light on that discovery now would they .

  5. I haven't seen this fully, but ffs History Channel is so low as Alex Jones, eggs are major symbol of humanity because it symbolizes new life, rebirth. Even today many countries use eggs in their mythologies, religions and traditions – Easter eggs for example.


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