The ruins of a city found at the bottom of Fuxian Lake in China raise big questions about the country’s history with extra-terrestrials in this collection of scenes from “The Hidden Empire.”…



  1. Please give the ancient aliens theory a REST. Nothing everything that we cannot explain is alien made. Can it not be that our human history has long looped holes? We just give our ancestors enough credit for the stuff they did predeluvial.

  2. I think that this episode talks about a city in the clouds where Georgio said that this thing was floating in the air for a few minutes and yet there is only 1 photograph!!! I don't understand that because I was in Hong Kong and there are more phones there than all of the United States plus if it were for real there would be a zillion pictures of the damned thing.

  3. Though the first and second testaments speak about life before the great flood of Noah!
    I have read that people who are Rh negative are related to a pre Indo-European species that predates any other human very similar to that of Neanderthal.


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