Did humanity come from the stars? Perhaps new answers can be found at Uluru/Ayers Rock in Australia. Learn more in this collection of scenes from “The Wisdom Keepers.” #AncientAliens Subscribe…



  1. Americans crack me up with their 'miles' & 'feet'. I thought you guys were the 'new-f#cking-world', but nope, only country left, just about, using ancient measuring systems. Let me know when the Sun gods say it's to harvest will ya! Yeeee-haw :-7

  2. The markings on Ayers rock look very much like the marks seen on the surface of asteroids made by rocks rolling around them.
    Could it actually be an asteroid stuck into the ground?

  3. Pal this is bs its only religion and beliefs roles into one conspiracy theory, I do say there are some scientific parts like the possible existence of aliens, but its a conspiracy theory on the history channel

  4. Look at the pyramids of Eqypt . The structure and how they were build is from an advanced civilisation probably different in genetics to human beings . Amazing work.

  5. I think an advanced civilisation could have created human life. Ufo's are out there many probably have a clocking device to stay invisible and observe . Their technology, medicine and genetics would be way more advanced than ours. They would probably care about our planet and people because they created us. The aliens would then observe us and help us to be better humans. The far side of the moon is an alien base of advanced people.

  6. They just said Humans were created by a rainbow snake that puked us out, and not only that but the snake came from the sky, and was here since the beginning of time. I'm like that's hilarious and ridiculous


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