Thursdays at 10/9c Some ancient alien theorists believe the Great Pyramid was the world’s first power plant. HISTORY®, now reaching more than 98 million homes, is the leading destination…



  1. They were tombs. That’s all. The ancients said they were tombs. They are not power stations but monuments to the powerful. From “The Tale of Sinuhe”: “A pyramid of stone was built for me in the midst of the pyramids. The overseers of stonecutter of the pyramid marked out its ground plan. The draftsman sketched in it, and the master sculptors carved in it. The overseers of works who were in the necropolis gave it their attention. Care was taken to supply all the equipment which is placed in a tomb chamber. Ka servants were assigned to me, and a funerary estate was settled on me with fields attached, at (my) mooring place, as if done for a Companion of the first order. My statue was overlaid with gold leaf, it’s apron in electrum. It was His Majesty who ordered it to be done.”

  2. The first thing I heard on Ancient Aliens about the Pyramid at Ghiza was that it was a superweapon, or the ground-based transmitter for the superweapon. The top of the Pyramid, they said, is missing, and it is possible that the energy converter for the transmitter was in that top piece, likely the same as was in the Ark of the Covenant.

  3. Archeologists were definitely found MICA around those Pyramids…. I think giants builts those pyramids which were covered with MICA and used a circuit to communicate with their planet where they came from.

  4. Egyptians built it with help of an Alien ET architect from outer space 10000 years ago. According to me its nothing but a power plant station. It might also be a Alien nuclear reactor.

  5. Just listen to the stupid question at the end of this video was it doing it alone… Will know my good sir someone had to build it and someone had to pour stuff into it I don't think rocks like to click up like that LOL yeah sure the pyramid just smoked a blunt and started doing s*** for itself

  6. Hydrogen maybe the answer. A hydrogen machine with enough energy could lift heavy stones. After that if they had hydrogen balloons with nets across from each other. That winds that blows from the sea could of made rain water. Let me know what you think.

  7. Egyptians built the pyramids archeologists found their graves there were no jew slaves moses was a thief and a liar he stole the ark before he left Egypt taking free power from the world!

  8. Basically these geniuses built dirt hills which evolved into having stone steps which being around long enough would become more elaborate and then would later contain shelters. So how did making hills covering them in stones make a civilization genius.


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