On this edition of The Farside Paranormal Podcast, Bob Bain is joined by Planet X expert, Andy Lloyd. Andy Lloyd has been researching Planet X/Nibiru & The …



  1. Nibiru doesn't exist. Sitchin made it all up. He finally admitted it was all fiction after being confronted with the facts. His "clay tablets" do not say what he fictionalized them saying.

  2. There is no doubt there is something out there, but they are demonic beings.  They have never been here for our good and never will be .  One third of the angels fell from Heaven with Lucifer . Where do you think they are ? There are not in Heaven and not yet in Hell , but soon will be.

  3. Im still on the fence, but Im leaning towards the Planet X theory.  Makes too much damn sense when looking at geopolitics.  

    And it makes sense when you consider all the evidence of something affecting the solar system 


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