interesting information on the annunaki ,secret societies,human origin and scientific explanations of some ancient tech.



  1. By eliminating almost all health 'professionals', all monetarily fixated jobs (from banking to accounting, taxation etc. all repetitive factory positions by robotics, also from the advent of technology. Only 10% of the current "running" of what is actually needed will have any position of authority or use for the running of the planetary species maintenance.
    This means that it will require a method of finding or creating useful employment of some sort of which can and will be of such persons desires such as art, entertainment, amusement programing and construction designers, sex (I know it sounds misleading, I believe that even in a resource based economy the sex 'industry' will still exist yet in another form perhaps)
    Who would be the actual 'controllers' of a control free society?
    Obviously those whom are most adept at doing so?
    So it seems imperative to me that the efforts to solve future said resource based economy, must also have the (above paragraph)infrastructure in place, at least a fair amount of it.
    Now as far as 'lost' technologies' is concerned have we ever considered the possibility that 'lost' is an untrue statement?
    Has human society been deliberately misguided from this information and technology
    by whomever be the powers of the era. Do these powers whom are aware of prehistorical perfect societies believe that the earth peoples humans (There are other 'human' species out there, earth is merely one of their baby, or seedling planets)
    Do they understand that technological advancements of such magnitude are a danger due to man's nature and must be squelched in order to save us from ourselves until mankind has reached a point of technological advancement and getting along as a single body (I am you you are me) to avoid self destruction as a species.
    Mankind is slowly reaching this point. When the controllers believe we are ready to advance as a species, they will finally allow Earth humans to be a part of that grand secret. Look around you and know that we are not yet ready due to our own conduct of which is
    unbecoming of the grand elders races

  2. @plutofromoldham you did ask by 'clicking on the link and listening/watching the video'… TWICE! Maybe stop blaming others for your mistakes, believe may I.

    The narrator is obviously using improper English to mean 'worshiping evil'. Being a 'grammar Nazi' on the internet is generally considered trollish behavior. And instead, discredits whatever the point of your post was.

    Evidence for EBEs {Extraterrestrial Biological Entities} having always been here in recorded history, you ask? some posing as gods or Gods? Maybe watch the multitude of seasons of "Ancient Aliens" television series. There is a myriad of evidence, though admittedly it is circumstantial and leaves more questions than answers. Far to much evidence for me to repeat in this already long reply.

    A biological entity can be convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death by the supposed pinnacle of a "just and free" society, America, with "circumstantial evidence".

    Therefore, your rigid unwillingness to accept this as a strong possibility is actually more r3t4rd3d <<<less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one's age>>> than your presumption implies.

    Your attempt at debunking has failed, please move along.

    On top of which "UFO"s means 'Unidentified Flying Object', and this is a well established military, police, and FFA accepted term for aviators to report. HINT: the term fails to automatically equal EBEs.

    Therefore 'using' it in… whatever the goal of your post was, is even more r3t4rd3d <<<less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one's age>>>.

    Did something in it upset you? The abundant and absolute debunking of "Climate Change" as a 'hoax' perpetrated by an elitist kabal?

    That the financial networks owned by Clinton, Al Gore, and PotUS Soetoro are WHO BENEFIT most from every one of their 'solutions' is most telling, feel do I.

  3. A video of a sound freq lifting an object does exist.
    As soon as God was denied, and as soon as it claimed surreal things…
    People didn't like it. But, I still love it.

    UFO video sightings by news reports have shown corona discharge from A/C eddy current, for ionic repulsion. So, secret technology being exposed is a trendy thought.

    Obama admitted the existence of aliens. I gotta wonder.
    Googling "Hark Vincio Monoatomic Gold" shows you my note on making it.

    And, since GMO was banned in parts of europe, while North American Press censors it,
    I believe I could be, too.

    Obama also has a facematch to Bin Laden. That's in new report video, too.

  4. Profoundly retarded. Advanced aliens needing a rib for genetics(not blood?) to implant into a woman (already there?)….ya DONT WATCH THIS BS FILM!

  5. because i believe in evil i need a wack with a big stick, but believing aliens made us, well thats o.k is it? i have evidence of evil. what evidence do you have? and a tinfoil hat dose not count!

  6. My point is simply that 'so called' intelligent people get hoodwinked by garbage like this because once they want to believe they allow what they are seeing to bypass their critical faculties. The whole spaceship looking like it's from a 50's B-Movie thing is laughable and so easy to spot. Ditto Sitchins cave picture.

  7. sitchin is also a fraud the Wikipedia entry should contain everything you need to know. Check out the entries about the Anunaki and the so-called planet Nibiru. 2012 should be the biggest hoot going. It's highly unlikely it will begin to the world but much like some of the so-called prophets it will be a damp squib and I for one will be laughing uncontrollably at all these idiots on youtube and the rest of the Internet that have made utter fools of themselves with their laughable ideas

  8. the other thing that the author of the film could do that hasn't is very simple as he cited in the film their free energy generators already running all he has to do is post their design on the Internet stand back and watch the energy companies implode. If somebody is using the free energy generator and the New World order obviously haven't put a stop to it so he or his friends and people out there in U-tube land could also do it but they don't exist so they can't.

  9. The secret knowledge staff at just over 12 min is also garbage. Years ago doctors discovered the cure for stomach ulcers. problem was was that bacteria cause them but previously various drugs have been developed to control the problem without clearing it. Pharmaceuticals made a fortune from these drugs. The drugs were now useless once the cause of ulcers was clear, how come the drug companies didn't suppress the knowledge that these two doctors discovered about the ulcers?

  10. The Annunaki stuff on the web is utter garbage. For example – when you think about the supposed technical brilliance of the Annunaki, being able to travel vast distances to Nibiru using their advanced technology does it not seem strange that when the pictures that the earthlings made of their spacecraft are shown, they all look like spaceships from a 1950s B-movie. Weird huh


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