Presentation begins with a look at technology gleaned from a ufo crash recovery in the Black Forest Germany in the 1930’s to the 1947 Roswell crash. Various …



  1. The Government. has and has had alot of new advanced technology that would surprise our Countrys Citizens. Drones and Satellite capability are only just a bit of it.

  2. i saw a black triangle in 2002 in danvers Massachusetts was very low over the highway and moved very slow. this technology was definitely thousands of years ahead of us atleast if not millions. it didnt even seem to be effected by the laws of physics. it was by far the single most incredible and stupifying thing ive ever seen and probably ever will see.

  3. Very Interesting, but sensitive, my vote would be that only qualified staff/Personnel should be able to be transferred this Data… because the general public may riot, or go to a stat of mass panic… which would be very bad…..🌋⛑️👔👁️🚪☢️🚷 Discretion is advised. thanks for sharing 👍.🇺🇸🗽

  4. yep old old repeated old info that anyone half serious into this study already knows..fascinating none the less….the Haunebu craft look almost identical to the adamski crafts of the 50"s and the visitors then did look ayran..

  5. Reminds me I need to pull out my move from John Carpender "THE THING" and watch it again.
    Lame that you would use HIS movie clip to attemop to validate your video…

  6. Oops! I got stumped again. Can't figure out who the speaker is. Obviously, I need to get initiated to imagine the name of the speaker (kind of give you the feeling of "profane"). I shall keep trying. I see others in the audience that are very excited with this presentation.

  7. It appears to me that we LOST WW2 and so did Russia. They took over our government starting with the scientists CIA and all of the politicians and civilians and the military, at least part of the military is all that's left . We've all been hoodwinked!


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