Before the Bible, the Sumerians recorded many of the same popular stories. The problem is, they discuss the human origins in further detail, anunnaki aliens, nibiru planet x, and fantastic…



  1. My question is how can the annunakis survive in a planet that is so away from the sun? They should freeze to death while their planet is away from the sun.

  2. In Mecca keep a black stone
    This stone is annonaki stone
    When they come to earth they give as gift to human if somerian , babil , Canaan people at the end.
    In macca people worship the black stone when they turn around a macca.
    In Irag people used to do astrology and they have very
    Good knowledge about all the star and sun and every thing
    They didn't have telescopes where they learn all this information.
    They should learn from annonaki satin
    As still this dayshuman carry on learning to creat new thing
    I only believe and follow real son of god true god as I sow him in real life and I believe him.

  3. I am so sorry to say that
    This world is not good any more and will be destroy soon as creature is not happy with this world.
    Massage of son of god is same
    Come and join the true creature army to receive ever lasting life
    This is only way of true

  4. So why human die and where they go?
    As bible said human die because they break the low
    They choice to follow they own desire
    They missled by satin annonaki alohi Allah
    Satin said he is god and can lead human
    So annonaki come to earth to lead human in somerian time , begging of earth
    But there is ?
    Does human achieve to live in pice and harmony together

  5. Again we come back to second testimony
    Son of god been before us and creat us with god yashu in hebrow
    He come to earth to save human but not from human , from the non visible one , from the one don't have blood and flash (annonaki )
    2: son of god give prophesy of what will happen to earth and human in future.
    I was Muslim and I know a lot in Middle East history
    But I am telling u annonaki is Allah
    As if u read goran u will understand everything very well
    I fire goran and I sow a true god and he lead me to truet , bible

  6. In goran said exactly same god alohi Allah bring human from heven to earth
    In bible creature don't have name said god creat human from sand of earth
    In same time prove that human have 45/50 % of what is in earth, iron, sink, manyasum and all other.
    If we made by annonaki
    Then what are gayent
    They son of god married with women of earth, can angel do sex with human
    The son of god mix they DNA with women and creat new human gayent .

  7. Just because we don't see them here doesn't mean that they don't still exist they are just gone from here. Apparently they don't make much contact with us in our present day but that doesn't mean that they don't still exist or that they are totally gone or that they were destroyed for whatever reason. Besides what if they look so much like us that they could walk right down the middle of the street and we would never know that they were alien.

  8. These people r sll blind .y where the sumaraians. Egyptians mysns. All wiped out vanished because they were all fooled taught anti gravity techniques that killed them y because they believed. That the fallen were there gods

  9. Bible tells about the fallen angels taking wifes and their offspring became an evil breed.. Norse ancient books talks about blodlines of viking families. The great flood destroyed killed off this race of evil people that ruled and human sacrifice was horrible. As in the days of Noah the end times will be so evil. Matthew 24 describes what is to come upon this earth. Vikings belifs also tells about the destruction. The evil times of Noah is upon us. Good has became evil, evil become good. Mens hart will fail them for fear. Bible tells what is to happen. Matthew 24

  10. The sone carving that shows a tenth planet shows that it comes in on a eliptical orbit to as shown on the stone carving that is marked it with a v around the sun as it's eliptical orbit

  11. Bonjour, I deed to understand properly how a ''round, circular planet'' that is beeing hit by a huge one become another planet (Earth) and that part that was hit is still a round planet ? Merci!

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