There are documented witness sightings of Bigfoot & prints linked with UFO’s & ET’s reports. Don’t forget to SUB, LIKE & SHARE! Thanks!! Mike’s UFO/Bigfoot vid…



  1. Another great video Blayne, thanks lots.
    There is a Tennessee Bigfoot video with a Sasquatch on the right side of a tree and a head and face poking out from the left side, that's identical to the creature looking over the branch here, in your video.
    I think it's an alien in his and yours.
    Cheers from Coboconk.

  2. Hey Blayne, contact WNYBF. He's the real deal like you. About a year ago I was on his site and he related an incident as I remember had just happened where he experienced a BF stepping into a portal and disappeared. Maybe give him a call?

  3. I think there are amazing unbelievable things that happen & exist right here on our planet that we know nothing about. Sasquatch might be alien connected, but I doubt it. We think we've turned planet earth inside out, but we've barely begun. Amazing mysteries abound right here.

  4. I do NOT think bigfoot is an alien. There is history and documentation about their existence in the artwork and stories of different groups of people, that go way back in time. Plenty of people have seen a bigfoot, but, when they see one, they either do NOT tell anyone, or, if they do tell someone, many times, they are NOT believed, or the "powers that be" make every effort to COVER it UP, including THREATS to the witnesses. They are an intelligent being. They can detect a trailcam before the trailcam can take a picture of them. I assume, that they bury their dead, for many reasons. Even if a body is left out, it does not take long for it to decompose and to be scattered everywhere by scavengers, so I do NOT understand why people think that just because bodies have not been seen, that it supports their nonexistence. How many times does a person come across ANY body of an animal in the wilderness? Exactly!! They ALL decompose, with scavengers scattering the remains, quickly. They are NOT found nor detected, alive or dead, because they do NOT WANT to be found or detected, alive or dead. Also, disbelievers and the cover-ups of the times, when they are found or detected, help to keep their existence as a myth in many a person's mind, along with many a person's disbelief in aliens.

  5. Really cool beginning, “The Thing’’’ is one of my all-time favorite alien movies. Nice pic of a Bigfoot creature you have I don’t know how you can tell what its standing on maybe a hill or log I don’t know

  6. Blayne, you are so right, I can see them plain as day and others can't see anything. If these people would look with a open mind they would probably be able to see also. If they would put a plotwatcher camera out in the woods and review the pictures, it wouldn't be long and they would be saying, I can't believe the unseen world that is out there and only a few know about it. Take care and stay aware

  7. 2B honest with you, round bright orange globes that glow so bright that it's difficult to actually size one up but that info is EZ to find because BF and those UFO objects have been seen together for decades if not millennia!
    That's all i know and i wish you luck on your adventures in this life!
    G J


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