Lyrics: I could not take it oh so seriously really When you called and said you’d seen a UFO But then it dawned on me the message in writing Spelt out a meeting …



  1. I like Yes but mostly their earlier (and really progressive) stuff … e.g. Close To The Edge … and Arriving UFO may have been their last progressive gasp … after this the air came out of the balloon … None of their post Wakeman keyboardists could ever compare to the caped one!

  2. This is the most under-rated album ever released. Even Rick Wakeman didn't like it, thus the Tormato name. It should have been called Yes Tor, or Tor I think as planned. Sad that they had to mock themselves to deal with the disappointment of the album cover, and some technical issues with the sound. I played this album probably as much or more than Sgt. Peppers to give you and idea of how impressed I was. The rhythm section is so tight. I still don't get how someone could possibly hate this beautiful, imaginative and kick butt music. It's an insult to music itself, created by God. When I listen to Yes, it reminds me there is a God. I think all this is simply because Rick used a polysynth instead of a Moog.

  3. tormato is so evocative, yes were masters at using effects to convey an emotion. i think it was the summer of 1970 when my sister turned me onto yes with fragile and tormato, thats all i ever listened. mainstream was boring, this music could really take you somewhere. love yes siempre

  4. Tormato was a very good album with many fine songs. This gives all the feelings of wonder of life beyond our understanding and Onward is probably one of the loveliest songs of all time.

  5. This song is probably one of the finest and most overlooked songs in the entire Yes catalog. The voicing of the instruments and the vocals are pure Yes genius! ! The lyrics invoke a sense of longing we've all had for the possibilities of alien life in distant Galaxies….. listen and figure out who's playing what during this song and you'll get the immense complexity involved . This song was recorded in what 1978?


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