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  1. I'm familiar with Tim Good's books and the foreword in one by Hill-Norton but never was Hill-Norton the head of anything such as MoD, MI5 or MI6. It's bizarre to suggest such as internal (MI5) and foreign (MI6) resources cooperate if you know anything about them but they are distinct and to propose an academic post such as a sea lord would control all of this is , is pure fantasy. Despite his other credible accounts, this alone and in his own words, means we cannot take him seriously in these statements.
    He remains with much credibility in these circles, just not this interview.

  2. this is one of the worst guest art has ever interviewed, this dude is so easy to see through you can hear his lies in his voice. Art knows it, we know it. He should of hung up on this idiot 5 min in. its ppl like him that give fuel to the skeptics

  3. there are moments i feel the desire to explain most everything to the public but after a few minutes while i resisted the the sharing i go back to my thoughts and say nothing just not my duty too


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