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  1. Sry Tyler, but i think that you have lost your mind…

    G-forces are also existing for Aliens so how can it be posible that this (UFO) is changing its speed and direction so quickly?

    Sry for my bad grammar (im from Germany).

  2. I think that i have a open mine more then any othere person i think All this through decades and nothing has happened no ufos crashing in front of me no ufo landing aliens ladings all we see i just those lights that all i can know could be computerized so that u believe in aliens and not God. Why am i saying this because if u believe in aliens u don’t believe in god God created men an Women not aliens and all we know thoses aliens Are FROM EARTH ITSELF there Spiritual daemons Disguise as The “Gray”. Aliens There demons people open ur eyes u think an astronautwont be afraidis he saw a ship fly over him or close to him its all made up People exactly what they do u believe it thats what they what to u to believe

    Like the bible says
    That the secrete things belong’s to God
    We are never going to see an Alien invasion people we are never gonna see aliens infront of us Maybe yes but there not aliens People there demons people don’t believe what u see in this planet All is made up prepating ourselllf for the judgment

  3. Iv seen something moving just like this with my friend watching stars. It’s just randomly took off stopped instantly the took a 90 degree turn and went till it was out of sight

  4. Lol these are space bubbles. Astronauts don’t go to space they do everything underwater or just have a green screen with the Earth and say they are in space. Nobody ever been in space.

  5. Think about this. What if Aliens are studying us, and have kept us i some kind of "Quarentine" until we are ready to join the alien civilization. What if Nasa and these aliens have made an agreement that the world wont know anything about the space and other things?

  6. So that means up there "traffic is worse than in LA" and i think that's good becouse they know for us but it's bad becouse goverment not just of USA but goverment of all little countryes in Europe,Asia…. know for that and they dont want to for that😐

  7. How do you know it's a ufo, and not just another nasa spacecraft and nasa said that they want to find alien life. So let's just stop this silliness and just love the human race for what it is, and not assume another Chinese spacecraft or whatever is a ufo.

  8. I am actually not an astronaut but I gués all these whit dit are just dust particules very close to the lense and the changing velocity and speed I guess are due to solar winds because they actually don't change velocity in a straight line if they were actual UFOs I don't think they would change direction since the space is so big and I just don't understand why they would go back they might be more intelligent then us so they wouldn't have any reason to go back in the lenses..


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