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  1. Our galaxy has around 100 billion stars. Are you trying to tell me there is a habitable planet for every star? I don't know why people cook up such rubbish when there's no apparent profit in it.

  2. Could be reall but in approahes 10 licht years from the black hole don't exsists none habitable planet, the gama rays kill all life what we know and the gravity are to big there's !

  3. Stop believing any lie, there are no other planet except this one which is "inhabitable"! We live "surrounded" by Oceans, I guess u can say "every continent is a planet"( probably why in the US, the foreigner is called "an Alien"😂) .So, "surrounded by Oceans, even the air you breathe is actually "water at a different density"! But Remember this: Everything Is the Ocean and come from the Ocean, including the Very Land you walk on everyday!

  4. I AM IMMORTAL I AM BRUCE RHODES SONOFMAN 1./. GOD OF FLAT EARTH LAND FOR SALE IN NEW ZEALAND LOVE TO ALL THAT KNOW LOVE Bringing a part of HEAVEN to Flat Earth together we can build LAND FOR Free For a Helping hand to

  5. The voice is strange that’s true….You can research and meet folk around you that really do know and believe we are a oneness and infinity and beyond, that aside scientists now agreeing…..I am the universe and the universe in you? I now live my life in so many different ways than I did and it’s works and I no longer am depressed or worried about the stuff we were all taught as it’s wrong…..Happy to help by sharing my beliefs.


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