Sometimes it’s hard to believe David because I’ve never investigated all those subjects, specially about the Archons and reptillians, but I’ve got faith in him and also he has never proven…



  1. Most things I can go along with but electrical universe theory is in most cases are nothing more than self serving quack science, it's a shame David Icke seems to be so attatched to it.

  2. I think David icke does this more now to show he wasent a nutcase than to get his truth out there.OK a lot he says is true but a lot is nuts I think.I think he's an angry man.

  3. I believe the eyes of many of these elites tell a story.. David rockerfeller mainly but also Jacob rothschild, nat rothschild..
    it seems to really show in age but nat rothschild has a very strange look to him…
    if nothing else they clearly are mentally in balanced and psychopathic and clearly do not seem to look altogether happy with the so called achievements made…
    also how do you guarantee the children toe the line.. I wonder what goes on in these families or if it is genetic in which case david makes much sense.
    I mean what schooling teaches 2 different realities ours and there's some of these people publicly speak.

  4. 1:41:30 another common misconception, it doesnt say that a self-aware mind observing something is changing if its a waveform or particle, not what path a photon takes through a double-slit experiment. It says that OBSERVATION (the physical process of information transfer) is what collapses the waveform.
    It is far more nuts and bolts and less esoteric than the misconception is.
    In order to observe, to measure, which path a photon takes, you must first transmit energy to / from the photon / destination. The very act of influencing the photon to detect its position, is fixing its position! It has nothing to do with awareness or conciousness, it has to do with that in order for the information to reach your eyes (or the lens of a camera), the photon must be measured.

    Why is he using misconceptions to prove his theory?
    Falls flat on his face.

  5. 1:38:00 objectively not true. Those arent holograms. Those were cgi pasted into the TV video feed.
    Nobody on stage could actually see any of that, there were no holograms projected in mid empty air.
    Even the micheal jackson thing was projected on a flat display behind the stage, not in mid space.

  6. 4:21:25 So Muslims are worshiping Satan without knowing!! amazing, just bc Kaaba is being dressed with black fabric, which by the way contains holy verses of their Holly book the Quran, yet also they recite verses AGAINST worshiping SATAN which also are from their holy book, so how they are worshiping Satan while they curse Satan in many verses, specially in every Chapter beginning.
    I'm not going to go through every single point which I thought make sense or not, clearly he has read and studied a lot, but lost his track in many points.
    More over, scientist gathered in Switzerland discussing how to remove the electromagnetic waves from human body, due to cellphones and surroundings, and they came up with a result that a human being can bow to the ground, on 7 bones points of contact with the ground ( hands, feet, forehead, knees ) and to be in the direction of Kaaba ( being at the earth electromagnetic center ) which resembles Muslims prayer !!
    Mr David,, Many before you tried to deface Islam, all have failed, none even could stand a chance against one of Muslims scholars Ahmad Deedat, so you better study carefully every points you publish before you poison spectators mind with some mistakes, whether it is intentional or not

  7. Before you call this crazy just think about this: reality says its normal to work, pay bills, maybe vacation, eat shitty food, have kids, buy a 2×4 house for endless debt then die… Thats an ideal life… that sounds more crazy to me than being manipulated by parallel beings.

  8. One year ago saw this, ridiculed it and blew it off. A month later, I had a ego-death and looked at it again with more open mindedness. Five months later, started to make so much sense. Seven months later; dramatic life changes as I start to understand. One Year later; Fully understood and liberated from mental slavery, literally like turning myself inside out, from absurd ignorant to valiant knower.

  9. No Jews wos gas in world war 2…world war 1 yes maybe…but NOT 2…free Palestinians…Jews go back home home…and STOP killing the Palestinians, the u.k is run by ONE family A U.K royal family Dictatorship REGIME in control off ALL news sorry propaganda BBC NBC ABC CNN news 24/7 bull shit…the u.k people hate them…do not wont them in power…no more they have been in power for A 1000 years let the USA have them. The u.k people do not wont them tax paying working class poor people…paying millions and millions and millions week after week for them…on Holliday 52 weeks a year…they LOOK DOWN ON the working class like the shit…the people working 24/7 too feed the familys…and tax 100% too keep them and posh fucker's in power…the war shud not be Syria BUT the U.K the fucking U.K…

  10. I have watched Icke for over 30 years, starting when he was a sports correspondent on the BBC. I have now witnessed his transformation into this 'guru'-esque personality. As a scientist and a humanist, I think it vitally important to hear other world views, examine them and apply critical thought to them. These are my views of Awaken:

    It has taken me over 2 weeks to watch this whole video. The thing I find most amazing is that he talks for 9 hours without actually saying anything. He doesn't present a single shred of testable evidence at any time. He makes many unverified and wildly inaccurate claims. Specific examples are:

    1. Homeopathy has been categorically proven to be no better than placebo. What does that mean? It means it has been proven not to have any efficacy. Water does not retain 'energetic signatures', it is a simple fluid comprising di-hydrogenated oxygen molecules. Icke's claims that this works is irrefutably and demonstrably wrong. Currently, thousands of people around the world are dying of curable versions of things like cancer and HIV all because they believe that homeopathy will save them. There are even more despicable cases in Africa where advocates of vitamin tablets are trying to stop actual medical treatment for HIV, such a state of affairs brought about through 'faith' rather than 'science'.

    2. Astrology has no basis in fact or logic. The suggestion that a paragraph of words applies accurately to a twelfth of the population is absurd; especially given that the sun has now precessed through 2 zodiacal signs since astrology was invented, and everyone seems to ignore that fact. Again, astrologists have been tested repeatedly, and none have ever been found to be more accurate in prediction than an average layman.

    3. Climate change is not fake, it is real, it is happening and it will result in the destruction of the planet if action to stop it is not carried out immediately. That Icke seems to both rail against the top 1% taking over the world and at the same time denies that climate change is happening is both despicable and disgusting.

    Whilst denouncing religions as absurd (something I very strongly agree with him on), Icke himself seems to rely on their method of "say it loud enough and long enough and they'll believe". He never presents a logical, testable piece of evidence. He seems to think it sufficient to just say stuff, and that – somehow – makes it fact. For which we now must move onto his primary argument: the Archons. The suggestion that parts of the human race have reptilian DNA is hilarious. Fact: we ALL have some reptilian DNA! Anyone with a basic understanding of evolutionary biology knows this, it simply demonstrates how we have evolved from amoeba several hundred million years ago.

    Of course, Icke's supposition is that some members of the human race have higher levels of reptilian DNA which has been through a result of inter-breeding with Archons. This is itself is absurd. Two separate species CANNOT interbreed, that is the definition of speciation. Therefore, the only way humans and Archons could interbreed would be if they were races of the same species. Even if it is shown that Archons spliced their DNA into human DNA, those individuals would not be able to interbreed either. Hence, the suggestion of a human/reptilian family hegemony is preposterous, as this group of creatures could only last one generation.
    Not only is this hypothesis testable through easily obtained DNA samples (hair, blood, etc), but there is very clear evidence of why it is a false claim: lack of whistleblowers. If it were true that there was a bloodline of human/archontic beings running this planet over the last several millenia, who are still actively interacting with their Reptilian masters in another dimension, we would be talking about ~300M people (the number of relatives alive from previous top 1% of earners in the world.) Given that some of these people would sometimes themselves questions their morals and/or motives, some would even find themselves cast out or made bankrupt by poor financial decision-making, and yet none of these destitute human/archons have been forthcoming with evidence of them/us being pawns at the hands of Archontic masters. Icke's proposition simply doesn't stand up to the most basic of scrutiny.

    Repeatedly, Icke suggests that the Archons live on a different plane of reality, which I'm assuming he means a parallel universe. Given the level of energy that would be required to breakthrough from one parallel universe to another, in line with the latest calculations of quantum and general relativity, if the Archons had this level of capability, it isn't clear why they would be so devious as to try these underhand tactics: the simple fact is they could simply take us over and enslave us in the way the British and Roman Empires did. By simply making glib, unproven, untestable statements about the existence of Archons, Icke is no better than the religions he denounces.

    In many respects, I am immensely disappointed that Icke seems unable to make simpler, clearer statements, specifically using Occam's razor-style thinking. If one examines the heart of Icke's issues, it is that the top 1% of earners on the planet are unfairly taking the majority of the planet's wealth; at the same time, they have manipulated the media, the legal system and governments to ensure that they retain this wealth, at the expense of the majority of human beings and to the total destruction of the global ecosystem. The simple fact is that all these problems are true: extreme wealth, capitalism, media-control, governmental interference and corruption are endemic in all the countries on this planet. However, suggesting that these issues are as a result of an other-plane species of reptilian beings interfering with the human race distracts and demeans from the truth: the extremely wealthy are the problem on this planet. They are just rich, selfish human beings, held together by a common interest in maintaining their wealth and positions.

    If Icke were to simplify his message into this narrative, one assumes that he would simply become another part of the anti-establishment thinkers such as Varoufakis, Chomsky and Sanders, meaning that he would be a small irrational fish in a large pond of hugely more impressive, articulate, logical thinkers. For this reason, he seems to have concocted this extraordinary Archontic narrative, which allows him to maintain his own archetype of reasoning; this means he can preach to his own acolytes without risk of losing his mass audience of deluded and gullible new-age humans, who are convinced that love will win out. Luckily, some of us realise that love does not win wars, and it is thanks to us that the modern world is not universally speaking latin or german; for this would be the result if tactics based on love were allowed to become mainstream.
    Something I take a great deal of offence at with Icke's method of argument is to use great thinkers like Sagan and Einstein in a way that suggests they agreed with his argument. Sagan, in particular, made his life's work the pursuit and denunciation of faith-based theories of human evolution. Sagan would have been one of Icke's most out-spoken critics, the use of his words and image in 'Awaken' is in immensely bad taste and I think the estates of these great thinkers should be made aware of how Icke is manipulating their loved ones' memories.

    Icke's central tenet is preposterous, unreasoned and easily testable, and found to be wanting on every level. He presents no evidence, he makes glib, banal statements and simply relies on repeating-by-rote quotes of far more influential and clever humans than himself to try to drive home an illogical and poorly thought-through theory. Moreover, he presents no solutions to these modern issues facing the world, nor does he suggest how we should take these Archons to task over their manipulation of the human race. Icke is a successful author and presenter of his archetype of reasoning. One must assume that if he were to offer serious answers to the modern world's woes, he would soon prove himself to be unmatched to the task of making the world a better place.

  11. He always says that he has been doing this for twenty five years or whatever. But nothing has changed. The bad guys are still in charge, so what is the point in talking, we need action!!!!

  12. David has a natural ability to explain in detail everything about almost everything. In a way that we can all understand, that alone is a true gift that only a chosen few in the world have. Lots of people now days are waking up and agree with some or most of his explanations. Because the system is starting to fall apart. But If you do start to take responsibility in ALL aspects of your life in a positive way including diet, healthcare, home and your spirituality and stop allowing this toxic shite into your mind, body, skin and start filling it with positive energy, organic food, positive knowledge, love, kindness and be thankful for what we are, and each other , you will then start to understand every single word he speaks. The old you will start breaking down and the new you starts to develope. Not only that you start talking like him to your friends, wife etc. We all have a right to feel human, normal and to be happy its our choice and no one else.s
    Hope this comment helps to understand that we need to start giving more advice to help each other do this, and not well i,m all right jack.

  13. started to wake up. been watching this kind of videos for over a year now. all of this seems to make so much sense. im happy David sometimes seems infuriated with how we, the cattle, just nod and move on, because… yeah… that would infuriate me too! moves on to next video and other various websites


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