Two amazing Bigfoot stories to share with you, and more on the Bigfoot UFO connection My Patreon account with free content UFO with Bigfoot observed…



  1. I have a new found take on your content after seeing yours and Reos’ 2 hour video,for whatever reason i can look at your uploads under a new perspective,and its kinda nice,just felt like throwin the comment in,look forward to going through all your videos sir

  2. Awesome, Mike. I wonder how many UFO type phenomenon type incidents are related to Sas and vice versa, as I know tons of researchers report the two linked. Even hardcore Apers encounter this stuff but think it is totally separate (lol).

    Have you heard of that Cisco Grove encounter? It is about that guy who was bow hunting in the forest and when it got dark he could not find his way back to camp, so he climbed his way in to a tree to be safe, then he saw a UFO and was essentially harassed by ET's, robot like entities, other entities all night and some even with glowing red eyes? It almost sounds to me like it may have been Sasquatch phenomenon more so than UFO/aliens. what was interesting is that the beings never touched him but just watched and teased with him all night, much like we know Sasquatch do.

  3. I wish I could float everywhere. I've had many dreams of flying, let's say more than the average person (average right! ).
    These are amazing stories, Michael. More please. ✌ God Bless

  4. Michael, loved the animation part. Very cool. Have you seen any of Philip Schneiders talks before he met with a very suspicious death ? Damned amazing food for thought. ✌👣👣👣


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