William Bill Cooper Alien Agenda Brodacast. Originally Aired August 22, 1997. He starts out by talking about, 1000 points of light and Lucifer – the bright and The morning star. …



  1. I confronted Alex Jones & he is clearly a Puppet of the "New World Order" & only provides "False-Hope" & 'Never" has accomplished anything Positive for Man-Kind, his so-called words of Deifying the "NWO" are totally worthless. Mr. William Cooper was right & had "No" respect for Alex Jones & David Icke they are both Liar's, just like he stated on you-tube video, before he was murdered by the "NWO"…..R.I.P…….Amen….!

  2. I love Bill Cooper , very intelligent guy. But is much as he knew religion keep in the Matrix. He should have known that the Illuminati created religion to keep us as useless eaters. I hope he came to the whole truth at the end.

  3. At 2:00
    Listen to Bill Cooper read about "1000 points of light" in the ancient Egyptian text called the Ritual.
    Listen to George Bush Sr talk about 1000 points of light at the political convention:

    (I used to think that all this Egyptian and Babylonian mystery religion stuff was nonsense….not any more. Bill proves it. Lucifer-worshippers rule the world… . and Judeomasons, Mormons and other damned souls do their bidding.) The rituals of Judeomasonry and Mormonism…and Seventh Day Adventism, Theosophy, etc. are based on the Kabbalah, which is based on the Talmud, which is the basis of Judaism.

  4. another sophisticated hoax. do you remember the photoshopped devil´s
    faces in the 9-11scam? Ocklahoma Pilot Test? Now worlwide people
    vanishing is the subliminal message for accep their evil plan.
    Satan´s Hoofs are in the JesuitVatican Cartel and North Korea

    This is because we are in the so called "end of the days" of a 7000
    years God Plan is about to end in the 2017 23-28 week ……when the
    Nebula of the Red Dragon will appear in the sky. The terrorist rapture
    of 6K millions of inocent lives. and the begining reign of 7crowns
    and 10 global kingdoms 5777 days afther 9-11 perfect megaritual revenge
    of Cain and Lamec year. USA, OTAN and Israel killing one to each
    other and all the money stealed for the New Chars Empire. Fake
    Depopulation Luciferian Ingenious plan

  5. wonder how old the video is because i think its kind of funny because they keep claiming to find things on Mars with the rover like an alien hand or a statue of budda….lol.

  6. Thanks for reposting this, listened years ago from a Masonic Ball Earth perspective. Makes a whole lot more sense from a Flat Earth Reality. Like Santos Bonacci and I talked about when he realized the BS he had fallen to. Now he's trying to correct things he's said in the past, like most of us. 'Santos Bonacci and Me' 3 – 11 – 13 Enjoy

  7. Bill… shame you didnt check out Vaishnavism…. you wouldnt say that you will only know God when you die.. that is a myth.. that is what you learn in church.. that you cannot know till you die… but yes.. christians have faith… and it comes from God.. amazing really .. without much knowledge… but knowledge of God is very deep in İndia

  8. people are telling me like coal is black that we are created by alien race….. when people hold one philosophy they speak like coal is black.. then they change their mind.. see a better youtube vid and swear to you that we are created by lizards not aliens…. so i appreciate a bit of bill

  9. He is right. Flying saucers are german Haunebu, and B-2 is again german Horten basically almost like through copy paper – research of that technology started years and years before WW2, and by the end of war it was up and flying. But still not fully "perfected/operational" or finished soon enough to change the course of war. I imagine that US managed to finish and even improve this technology over the years (together with german paperclip scientists..this technology was so fantastic that it became THE Ace in the sleeve of US shadowy government). And there it comes, few years after end of the war one of the saucers crashed -> Rooswell – and that what could have been a disaster, became a gift from the ?hell? – they managed to profit from crashed plane by secretly planting this alien nonsense into peoples minds, starting agenda from 1917, and killing two flies with one hit. I was wondering why basicly no one knows about german Haunebu for quite a some time, but it really could have been for this alien invasion deception thing.

  10. aliens are us. we are all one in the same. the universe and everything in it down to a single cell organism is aware and conscious. aliens are not demons in that we would be demons. Oneness .

  11. William Cooper made it clear that the Christian religion was created by the
    mystery school initiates, in effort to misinform the masses they created a religion (Christianity) based upon the sun worship religion. I knew that a while ago as I researched the origins of several religions. If you notice in this video BIll mentions that the Illuminati wants to due away with Christianity which was created to doup the masses. Why does Bill mention that the Illuminati doesn't beleive in Jesus when he was aware that the adepts & mystery school initiates know it's a crock of shit, just as he did. In fact in the mystery Babylon series Bill elaborated on how the son of god is the actual sun, the savior and how people have been fooled into believing there's an actual son of god. I noticed that Bill contradicts himself a lot. Obviously he had his own agenda. If the Illuminati is here to enslave this nation then why did they create the constitution. And If the constitution is deceptive as David Icke claims, the masses have been fooled again. Bill was wrong about Aliester Crowley, he wasn't a black magician.

  12. yEP SURE LOOKS SUSPICIOUS  but LOOKS isn't a Guarantee I know i'm going to look & sond like a <razy   person because it does seem we are way beyond a Smoking Gun A SMOKIN CRATER! ?

  13. Tbh, I'm more impressed with the commentary than with the video… Without the commentary I doubt I'd have made much sense of the video at all, so to whoever provided that commentary, thank you very much!

  14. and we need to come away from the religious way of thinking,, I believe religion was one of the first mind controlled programmes to ever hit the planetary population,,, and I believe wether people like it or not religion is connect to bad energy,, you could say evil if you want to every religion around the world is been worshipped by all goverments which all they do is kill and go into endless wars,, since religion began all its done is kill kill kil in its name,, the Vatican  most of the priest are peodophiles the ags of caonsent in the Vatican use to 12 yrs of age??? what the hell ,,, yes its true,, and now its 14 because people were angry and still that is young,,, what is going on,,,, they all kill in the name of god{PROJECT GOD} the first mind controlled programme ever to hit the planet

  15. weve been dumbed down to think and act a certain way,,, I believe we are very powerful biengs and that's why were enslaved the way we are,, if we was worthless,, do you think the elite would spent a second of there time  trying to hide the shit that they have been doing since time began,,, racisism is a mind control programme just like religion just like they way you've been brought up,, to pay you taxes and don't ask questions,,,, why is that when you start talking about aliens or what the elite are secretly doing there brains shut down,, and they either start laughing at you or say 'come on don't be silly such things don't exist' lol  they the normal person thinks is  a programme embedded to not ask questions,, look at the planet we have water we have air,, they ask for a miracle ,,, all you have to do is look at life to see a miracle and they way the human body works,, and how we are all in sync with eachother on a mental scale that's design everything around us is intelligent design and yet we cant see it

  16. 26.00 ive always said it, we are aliens,, think about it,, and regardless if another alien race came here they would look at us as aliens because that's what we are,, yeah were human,, human biengs,, alien biengs lets brake down that word,, this is my own theory tho,, hu–man  stands for Hybrid. Universal Man meaning a mixture of difrent dna,, theres a portion of our dna that scientist cant figure out,, they call the alien code,, why do the majority of us find it hard to think outside this planet and look whats really going on?  although I could do this since I was a child,, and sometimes it scared me,, not knowing as a child where I really come from and what is going on,, what life is and why im here,, I use to and still do feel that something is wrong

  17. Dear Mr Cooper although you are not a martyr you did enlighten and put a flashlight in the hands of a lot of people there were in the dark and for that I thank you. May you find the peace in eternal sleep that you could not find in life. And may your family and your loved ones be blessed from this day forth.

  18. For those who take the late Mr. Cooper seriously & would like to know more about the alien deception & the Nephilim mentioned in the Bible, get a copy of the Book of Enoch & your eyes will be opened big time!  The Book of Enoch is actually mentioned in the Bible and so is Enoch.  Read it, learn it, know it, then you will not fear when all of this comes to pass because it is coming & it's ALL a huge fraudulent deception by man.  Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ because He is your only salvation in all of this!!! 😉

  19. That's funny because I have been saying since 1970 (when I was 15 in my 2nd year of high school) that man had never been to the moon & that all of the photos had been faked (because I was an experienced photographer from age 12) because the lighting & shadows were all wrong & I was told I was completely nuts!  I've been told since then as well & I'm still a photographer for almost 40 years now & have studied space, planetary sciences & I'm a schooled theologian, yet I don't know anything? LOL

  20. It says VERY CLEARLY IN THE BIBLE, that for he whom overcomes WILL JUDGE ANGELS!! Ok, it is quite CLEAR THAT NOT ONLY ARE WE MADE IN GODS LIKENESS, BUT WE ALSO ARE ABOVE ANGELS!! I would say if we are in Gods likeness then WE HAVE THE PROPENSITY TO MAKE A FREE CHOICE!!! That is what this experience is all about. To EVOLVED INTO OUR GOD LIKE STATUS! We have the POWER to make better decisions then these Angels and that is why, one day we will Judge them. The bible has an Oceans Deep wealth of information. It must be read on a daily bases if possible. And trust, it will keep giving to you!

  21. "FOR the DISCOVERY of ATLANTIS, all CHALLENGERS will be DESTROYED"…. get it folks? Apollo BS..  and the challenger was destroyed…. wake up time. They are Liars, and have over them the father of Lies…. wake up–snap out of it. 


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