(this video) Bill Cooper interview Cooper caused a sensation in UFOlogy circles in 1988 when he claimed to have seen secret documents while in the Navy describing governmental dealings with…



  1. Thank you for this video! I have been trying to tell people about just some of this & I lost my 41 yr marriage & my entire family. The truth frees you but it can come at a great cost, but it is worth it! Keep searching for ALL the truth. This man is a war Hero!

  2. I've said it time and time again… and Bill Cooper here states it. 1:08:30 … Also, pay attention to what is said at 1:15:10. This is important folks… its about Christianity and I totally feel the same way. No that my feelings should matter to anyone but worthy of paying close attention to.

  3. Bill predicted 911 3 months before it happened he even said the government was going to blame Osama bin Laden. He was a remarkable man, everyone should know or research his remarkable life.

  4. So he's disparaging Freemasons, yet praising the constitution and the American way of life, which he acknowledges was written and conceived largely by Freemasons? His logic doesn't add up. He was probably onto a few things but he's also full of a lot of bullshit.

  5. Bill was a fighter who laid down his life for his brothers ,sadly I believe trump will start the end game either way whether or not he is good or bad .the way he flipped on the second amendment speaks volumes ,everything he says is true .

  6. he is dead on about Hussein.for about a decade, we poured billions into his efforts to fight Iran ,and by the time this was made, we were all expected to fall in line because he 'now' was our arch enemy.

  7. his heart's in the right place, but Oswald is not in any film on 11/22/63 ,other than inside/outside the Texas theater and the Dallas PD .Billy Lovelady (who had even less hair than LHO) is the man watching the parade from the steps of the TSBD. rest his soul, he buys into the photographic bullshit that the very folks he denounces(Groden,etc.) want you to believe.if Oswald was on those steps, we'd never have seen that piece of film(or still photo). the people he speaks of, would've eradicated it .he is one of many on YT who have something to offer, and say something dumb that causes everything else they say to be called into question. a good man, tho. rest his soul.

  8. but the country was founded by masons/ racist who were slave owners. and the religious institutions is an extension if not the origins of the madness. but william was definitely on to something but his religious bias keeps him from completely putting this shit together. but he's still 95% on point


  10. For an alternative view to what Bill is sharing here, study what is the "Varroa Destructor" that languishes within the honey bee hive and how its presence undermines the integrity or the harmony of that hive, and how this system throws out the drones or males when winter approaches, and Bills information will jump out at you.

  11. Fort Detrich has been the base that AIDs came from and they also developed anthrax there. There are so many families around that base with cancer that they have multiple lawsuits against the government. That base has been used against us more than once.

  12. Hubble Reveals Observable Universe Contains 10 Times More Galaxies Than Previously Thought

    "This is God. Your prayer is very important to us. At this time, there are 1,897,765,423,413 galaxies ahead of you. Please continue to hold. Your prayer will be answered in the order it was received."

  13. First 35 minutes are very interesting and probably true. However, Bill's solution is wanting. The answer is for man to be born again and be led by the Holy Spirit with Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The problem is man's fallen nature as the Bible that Bill holds in his hand explains. Since man has rejected the truth of the Bible this age is about to end at the coming WW III and Battle of Armageddon when Jesus returns and sets up His kingdom on earth with those who have been born again and surrendered themselves to Christ's government. One must do this before one dies or before Christ returns, which ever comes first.

  14. free masons thought they were free after the crucifiction, HowEver – – when their own master is crucified – there will be No Resurrection!


  15. 29 minutes in Cooper is asked "if what you're saying is real how come you haven't been killed or locked away". I guess history speaks for itself. They killed Cooper and "put" Alex Jones in to take his place. NEVER STOP QUESTIONING EVERYTHING.

  16. Cooper is completely clueless about socialism. There is something called libertarian socialism and libertarian communism which I generally support. I believe in collectivism for the sake of individualism — the best example of that is the public roads and highways that are government owned and operated (communist) built with the goal of everyone of every economic class having the freedom to drive on equally wherever anyone wants to go. The freedom of the open socialist road. And he should stop associating communism with the Communist Party. The principle of communism is no more equivalent to the Communist Party than the principle of democracy is equivalent to the Democratic Party. The Nazi Party was just one particularly authoritarian form of socialism just like The Communist Party is just one particularly authoritarian form of communism. I hardly think either party explored all the potential forms of each political form. The Scandinavian nations, for instance, seemed to have found a form of socialism that is very successful by most standards. Note how the Scandinavian nations are using a much less authoritarian form of socialism than the Nazi Party — I don't think that is a coincidence. Everything else being equal, it seems like more freedom for the individual citizens (as opposed to businesses that need heavy regulation and oversight from a powerful central government to protect the citizens from exploitation by those capitalist businesses) the better the overall standard of living is for the citizens living in that nation.


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