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  1. therefore it could be that, there is many species of aliens, who are in disagreement. who will be the human Master. how to combat this. is simply to look at yourself and decide what side do you want to be on the good or the bad it is the yin and yang positive negative energy Lucifer or Jesus the blue pill or the red pill.

  2. It is really important to understand that the New World Order does not understand Christianity but it does understand that Christianity is their enemy if they want control.

  3. The comments below mainly show that people are not observant and that in a way they deserve to be victims of the New World Order because The New World Order is right about them.They don't think about what they don't want to think about.

  4. the secret is these people who are doing this are called zionists!!! yes they killed Kennedy because he wanted a nuclear free world and he wanted israel to adhere to un resolutions. jack rubi – rubinstein….michael colins piper, us liberty.

  5. a. William Cooper is either. 1. uneducated to the fact that we have had anti-gravity vehicles for a long time . all man made. simple technology. 2. is unaware of the Bible. so he is either telling the truth for his level of education on falsified documents. or B. A jesuit perpetuating the alien deception. (he's believing the 80-20 80 truth 20 lie to sound believable story our govt. has been perpetuating for years. No evidence of aliens never will be. Demons posing as aliens, men in fake suits, animatronic aliens. stage craft. pure and simple. Subscibe to Watchman of the Harvest on you tube to get the truth. the alien deception even has him fooled. Satans one world govt is the plan. always has been. Manage the public perception via lies. see protocols of wise elders of zion document for details. i personally think he believes the lies the govt. has strung him.. 80 percent truth get you to believe then the curve on the end trick so you fall for the lie.

  6. Also tho only thing I can really think of when he described the ufo in Seattle, is that of multiple dimensions. If you inspect a 4th dimensional object spinning on one of it's axis' in the third dimension it'll seem like the object flips erratically and in a way unable to be explained by our physics. Potentially the reason the craft seemed so un-logical is because we are unable to understand all aspects of it with our human brain.

  7. I want to listen to this man, but it is disturbing that the only full interview I can find is with CNN. Quite honestly I wouldn't trust it if it was published by any major news station. It's just so hard trying to differentiate truth from lie.

  8. Continental Drift – Rolling Stones song, as for tech,intellectualism ruling so man becomes god,bullshit,i love that thinking intellectualism,no god,its not so man becomes ''god'',its so you can live a normal life without screaming weirdos around trying to push their shit on you….ie – oppressiveness

  9. People should read his book. The information on extraterrestrial activity came directly from classified navy intelligence and he states this fact in the book where he presents the discussion as a "hypothesis" only. If he had not experienced a UFO encounter himself (his shipmates and himself were told by navy intelligence never to discuss the matter again) he would have thought the documents were a hoax. That is how he was able to describe the events in such detail. The source was navy intelligence which is the reason why it so compelling. Bill Cooper was a "whistle blower". He was not a conspiracy theorist as the CIA editors on Wikipedia would have us believe. People write all kinds of nonsense on the internet without actually reading the material that Bill Cooper presented in detail. Bill was absolutely methodical with his writings. He was a very intelligent man even though he described himself as an ordinary person. He was an inspiring man with great convictions, dignity and belief in himself.

  10. 47:00 or around thereabouts… I don't think he knows what Republic/Democracy/Left Wing/Right Wing at all. Sounds like his own interpretation that suits his own narrative. Right Wing is anarachy? Up until this point I've found him relatively interesting to listen to.


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