This is the complete series. All music has been edited out of this version. This practically have no influence on the understanding of this series, and will save you hours in the end. Originally…



  1. Listen Cooper is talking the truth , and the truth can sting like a swarm of angry hornets, when you examine , what Cooper is exposing, I personally am exposed to the three lies that the devil used to deceive Eve , and is still used today ,just repackaged, the cosmos

  2. as someone who was raised Mormon, Bill Cooper is spot on. Mormonism is a Luciferian Cult, devoid of God's presence, robotic, soulless hell bound sheep. STOP covering for that church you brainwashed assholes. Mormonism is a monstrous atrocity created by an evil Freemason farmboy. Get yer fuckin head outta yer asses. If I heard someone badmouthing BILL COOPER, I would get in their face andvset them straight. You can like your Mormons. You can enjoy socializing in that building, but don't EVER believe that GOD dwells there with you.

  3. He is lying! on the inside of the cover it did not say he was a member of the o.t.o, the golden dawn, freemasonry, knights of malta and the knights templar. The rest is correct because I have the book and reading it as he is speaking. Proof he was engaging in disinformation to discredit the proof just like Alex Jones does. He also claimed that Albert Pike wrote about the luciferian doctrine letter in morals and dogma. That is another lie! That is a supposed letter (that he might have wrote, but not the point) with no proof that Pike wrote to Mazzini to the supposed 23 supreme councils of freemasonry. No proof does not mean that i'm saying he didn't write that. The point i'm making is these men are deceivers. They pretend to be anti NWO, freemasonry, etc. but they actually help them by building up straw men that the elites can later use to discredit you with. They do it all the time. Stop listening to other people and research on your own. Make sure it is fact!!!

  4. I have really enjoyed this series from Bill Cooper despite his willingness throughout to declare things like "and THIS is what the 'MORMON' church teaches…..!'   No doubt he was a very sincere and intelligent man and I commend his willingness to take risk exposing some very powerful and murderous groups.  However,  he was not the expert on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (mormons) that he would have had you believe and simply declaring 'and thats what they teach' does not make it so.  Educated and sincere LDS know more that he ever did, shocking though it may be……..

  5. A bit confused here.  I know that most of what he is saying is true but he's calling the idea of Joseph being married to a woman who's father was a priest of On is a legend.  Not sure what he mean by proof but he cites biblical references often so I'm using the bible.  See Genesis 41 verse 45.  It does say " And Pharaoh called Joseph’s name Zaphnath-Paaneah. And he gave him as a wife Asenath, the daughter of Poti-Pherah priest of On. So Joseph went out over all the land of Egypt.".  Can anyone clarify?


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