This is a short yet important video presenting Bill Cooper’s 9/11 prediction, rare 9/11 footage and audio from his book “Behold a Pale Horse” and the Illuminati agenda. Bill Cooper was one…



  1. Bill Cooper didn’t predict anything, he said that Osama made a threat. The same kind of threat he’s been making since the beginning of his control of power. He even made an attack in the 90’s. This isn’t a coverup guys lol

  2. Bill cooper is the real Alex Jones… don't buy into Jones he is in on it and only wants fame and publicity. Have you seen the videos of the reporters that use to work for him.. the expose everything about him. At one time i did think he was the true patriot but i woke up.

  3. They even stated that painters were their a week before the trade centers collapsed ( people now know they laced the paint with bomb) also months before the towers fell many times they closed down certain parts at weird hours of the night. Mysterious vans were around the towers up until they fell…. I can go on and on it’s all their take the time to find the truth

  4. This is so sad for the government to do this to their own people. Any moron who believes differently take a basic science class. Even samples taken from the ruble had bomb residue on it. The evidence just piles up that this was an inside job. For the people who lost their lives that day, your never forgotten and people are still demanding the truth!! The global elite are satanists whether the masses believe in Satan or not they do and solely work based on their beliefs ( Satanism) FYI Satan and God are real….

  5. *Jordan Maxwell's, Bill Cooper* an orator/actor that supports those deceiving the public. QUESTION: Who owns the WTC Complex, in NYC? The actor, Larry Silverstein, said to be renting there, many people believed he gets insurance check for entire structure, that was funny. GUESS RENTING PAYS OFF THESE DAYS, ha.ha. THE ENTIRE PROGRAM IS JUST A FILM, THE REASON IT COMES TO LIFE? THE PUBLIC BELIEVING IT. HOW SILLY. MEDIA EVEN SHOWED VIEWERS IT'S A HOAX.

  6. Papers given to Kennedy before they killed him described running unmarked planes into a building in NY to have the American people push Kennedy to letter was and is on file wrote by bush sr. Devil-worship bastards come get me

  7. I agree there is something not right about this moment in history, I am not here accusing anyone specifically, BUT the explosions that this person is "trying" to indicate as "set-up explosions" example 2:21 are easily explain away by electrical fires shooting though the cable. So please don't try to make every little thing you see in a building under clear distress a sign of conspiracy. PS to all the people out there saying why did the build collapse so evenly, builds for decades have been designed not to topal.

    ** god bless the people that passed, my heart will always hurt for your families **

  8. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. The second greatest was infiltrating the global power structure. And the third….. Stay tuned, it's happening right now.

  9. You should read his book, "Behold a Pale Horse". The PDF is on the website which Bill started, called "Hour of the Time", Doyle Shamley and Bill Haughton still run it…or at least as last I recall when I spoke to them.

  10. That, and he was set up…that's what caused his death. He was asked by the local farmer near him to watch out for high schoolers who were causing a lot of noise in the late hours and littering the area. He agreed to help, someone started making loud noises near the farmer's place and Bill went over to inspect, someone tried to jump out in front of his truck when he drove over and then another vehicle began to pursue him. He swings back around to drive back to his home and they shot him on his way into his house.


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