Milton William Cooper (May 6, 1943 — November 6, 2001) Cooper, Milton William (1991). ‘Behold a Pale Horse’. Light Technology Publications. ISBN 0-929385-22-5. This is a remarkable speech…



  1. thank you Jesus for this man! he gives such sound advice. really at the end of the day it all renders into common sense. today in society a lot of peoples have a tendency to over think things. it is exciting to find new knowledge, but it is what you do once you have it and actually understanding what you are handling and what type of information is it… What is the nature of this thing? like discovering a new species. it isnt hard to see when you can simply open your eyes.

  2. What a bummer had to be Cooper rather than Jones! Hmmmm…I wonder why that is? He didn't make people believing that conspiracy is part of reality look crazy,, the opposite is true. I sometimes imagine if what it would be like if Cooper was in place of Alex Jones. The thing is that would probably mean that Cooper would be the fraud, rather than Time Warner"s boy.

  3. Bill Cooper was a patriot and served America well. He had great knowledge about uncommon things, especially where secret societies were concerned. How did he come to know all this? Who provided him with the information?

  4. A true American Hero! There will never be another Milton William Cooper, but his knowledge and teachings will live on forever! No matter who you listen to or even believe in more. The teachings and the history of the facts are all there, people can argue whatever they want cause it's their right, but once the facts are presented before them what would be the excuse then.

    Thank You! Milton William Cooper!
    RIP 1943-2001


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