Bill Cooper was a whistle blower. Like so many other good people he came to a bad end.



  1. What I am not understanding about Bill Cooper is that so far I have heard him say that space travel is real, the moon landing is fake, no one has travelled to space (with which I agree because it doesn't exist), "aliens"/supernatural creatures are ruling the world with the Illuminati and aliens are an invention by the deep state. I can accept that people have to change their conclusions over time as they learn new information but I don't hear him explain why he changes his views. It's just "this is the reality," then, "this is truth," with each contradicting the other and no making sense of the contradictions. For the man who predicted 9-11, this is a disappointment.

  2. Here's over 2 hrs worth of thought provoking content with which one may agree, or disagree or both. And yet some people apparently believe leaving comments like "He's full of shit," or "He's a damn liar" is a sufficient argument. Why not explain why you disagree? Why not allow the rest of us to avail ourselves of your unique and highly reasonable perspective?

  3. Thank you so much, Gary, particularly for adding the transcript. My hard-of-hearing retirees discussion group is grateful for your helpfulness. Bill Cooper, a TRUE Patriot who sacrificed his life for the Republic to survive. R.I.P. Milton Bill Cooper

  4. The country itself has been under control of evil people since George Washington. He was a freemason. Thats why we are taught he was the first president….but there were 7 or 8 REAL presidents before him. George Washington was an infiltrator. And the country has been carrying out the evil orders of its hidden evil rulers ever since. Earth is flat folks, space and space travel is not real….your entire reality has been manipulated. We are so easily controlled and brainwashed….God help us

  5. Something doesn't add up. In this radio recording he states that the alien threat will be created artificial by developing creatures through genetic engineering and flying saucers using secret alternative technologies. Still, in the '92 CNN interview he states that he has seen UFO's with his own eyes in the 60's when he was working in the navy and that the technology that those UFO's were possessing was unimaginable as being man made.

  6. 1:27:32 Here's Bill's famous 9/11 prophecy: " The terrorist attacks…which will be launched in the US, will be blamed upon middle eastern religious fanatics, Christian fundamentalists, white supremacists, patriots or militas."
    Conspicuously missing…

  7. Bill was dead wrong about Saddam Hussein. People may have believed he was a bad guy, but only a few wing nuts believed he was the anti-Christ. And of course, the NWO wasn't imposed after his dispatch.

  8. 28:45 So, the Anglo/Aryan Illuminati feeds Marxist/Socialist doctrine to the Black, Hispanic, Aboriginal "sheep" in order to eventually slaughter them? I've never met a white supremacist carrying a Das Capital. I can imagine the TRUE LEADERS of the Illuminati peddling Christianity and socialism to the masses. But I've never known Bill to talk much about the TRUE LEADERS.

  9. 28:0328:42 So, the Illuminati is a racist Anglo/Aryan (master race) conspiracy that considers Blacks, Hispanics, Aboriginals to be "useless eaters" (ala Henry Kissinger), whilst the TRUE LEADERS of this "subversion" DO NOT believe this at all, but are simply duping Anglo/Aryan racists for their own ends? So, who are these TRUE LEADERS Bill refers to? Should I guess?

  10. If this info is true them how is google (the very agency Cooper is condemning) allowing it? Is it because the luciferians are obligated to give is the information? And if THAT is of fact then why has the majority of alternative news been shut down?

  11. Only found out today when watching "Land of the Lost Story" documentary that Cooper ended up rejecting all "alien UFO" crap in favor of it being secret space, illuminati trickery and fakery – aliens from the pentagon.


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