BILL COOPER TELLS ALL About The JFK Assassination, Aliens & The Illuminati Conspiracy. Later on in his life Bill Cooper predicted 911. Milton William “Bill” Cooper (May 6, 1943 – November…



  1. the only way I see to overthrow this lunacy is through technology destruction and a taking back of property. If everyone supports a day to start… "Stop paying rent and mortgage day-Claim your own place!" They cannot kill everyone and the police themselves start to not participate…

  2. It’s like he’s here in 2017.. wild. I believe him! I’ve listened to many of his videos and radio broadcasts. He was a true hero until they shot him down in front of his home! We need to realize what the NWO is trying to do. I’ll die before I go along. To this day they say he was making things up. If he was, he had to be a prophet. God Bless America!

  3. *Look at those shifty eyes* QQ, must be the eye liner. When the Video of Radio shows; barking dogs; military planes; barbed wire; it's Violent, even scary, so is it possible it's drawn that way to intimidate? THEN HE PROGRAMS YOU. Negative Linquistics; Hypnosis; Both can be used for good;.but these mongers Manipulate; they DECEIVE as they tell you what you want to hear; what you already know! Make no mistake; lies will follow. GOOD LUCK to you all.

  4. Maybe the aliens that lead the jews out of Egypt didn' tell them they were God, maybe they just said they were someone with imense knowledge and imense power that would help them and the jews thought they were God. Maybe they didn't intentionally deceive them.

  5. Eisenhower was a traitor, another scumbag that should’ve hanged for what he did, to end up letting American citizen’s be abducted, wow, that’s about as low as it gets.


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