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  1. ….I remember first hearing Bill Cooper, ("The Hour Of The Time"), …over a tiny short wave radio receiver,… (back in the mid '90's),….while I was working in my shop. I was glued to the interesting, and unique material he presented! Years later, I found the "Art Bell show", and "Coast to Coast AM"….. GREAT shows!!! …(many can be found on youtube!…)

  2. Anytime you can recognise people and place them into a category, that makes them a RACE. Jews are a race of people. They themselves consider to be a race. We know for a fact that the Jews are a race because they are Khazars who converted to the Jewish religion.

  3. I totally respect his warning regarding the truth being elusive and never thinking you know it all. Promote one 'conspiracy' theory which later gets proven to be false can destroy any credibility instantly.

  4. Humanity is infused with everything in flow always infinite~ until you dive deep and embrace, as Humanity & Infinite, …………realize this you will be perpetually repeating………………. ~enslavement through the Hegelian Dialectic …A….Yup…..Just My Expression…..

  5. I understand this more now than ever. I guess that's a testament to what he said about age & experience, and that people don't take meaningful things in life seriously until their 30's, 40's & beyond. It's shocking that these old lectures are still relevant to this day. 💯💪🏾

  6. Socialism : "Your house is on fire. You are alone to put it out." "Your house is on fire, YOUR NEIGHBORS SHOW UP TO HELP put the fire out." Socialism: "A local bully is threatening you, He's bigger than you, and stronger than you. YOUR NEIGHBORS JOIN YOU TO ARREST this bully" Socialism: Your community has one doctor. His speciality is Veterinary Medicine, YOUR CHILD IS DESPERATELY ILL. Your NEIGHBORS BAND TOGETHER TO BRING AM MD TO THE COMMUNITY.

  7. Age.of 5 I seen. Men die. Seen a cop lie to try get me to lie. By age 7. Seen death. First hand. Cops. Usmc cove it up. Try repeat over and over. So step dad. Won't go to the pen. Both need to be lock up. TY C pS. Of Calf. Hay all good one day a fucking cop push. Ill push back. Ha ha. Seen Rambo yet.


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