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  1. The law tries to instate in us the belief that a green or red light bulb in a street light has authority over a human being. Which is a lie.
    I am fully capable of looking, listening, deciding whether it is safe to go or not, and running!
    Street lights are only a help for disabled people to get over the street.
    I'm fine, thanks for your concern, officer. I don't need any assistance…

    …Is the maths how you break any man made law down, basically.

  2. For the existence of the ear and its ability to recognize sound waves and its patterns came first, the loudspeaker and the microphone were only imitations of the workings of said ear. Therefore no, the microphone was not manifested by the mind only but rather its function had to be based off something which existed first. The laws of sonic physics and our ear anatomy. And that's how you do logic! 😉

    There is no box to think outside of. You manifest yourself into the box, as soon as you try to think outside of it.

    And also yes… To "govern" the "mind" in combination with what the word "government" means to the people equals "mass mind control"
    That's all it is. Massen Kontrolle Ultra… is what MK stands for. It was German.
    Just like the T.V. and it's programming literally was created to program the mind. Look it up yourselves… The first patents and what a TV screen was actually first developed for. It was its sole purpose… programming the mind through visual stimuli now added to the already existing methods of audio stimulation like binaural brainwave entrainment (there is that word ment again. To entrain the mind, as in a "train" on a linear rail of thoughts, not "training") and other easy to understand methods.


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