YouTube has issued another strike on “The Alex Jones Chanel”, blocking live streaming and uploads of new videos.



  1. Alex is being the target of the left because he is trying to tell us the truth. The Florida school shooting has had student eyewitness talk about “army” being there. Also this eye witness said that the “army” people were in the hallway putting bodies in a corner and covering them up. WTF where in any crime scene does that happen before the police show up to gather the evidence?

    This is scary shit people. Wake up

  2. The Globalist Bankster empire strikes back………….Censorship proves that the truth is hurting the establishment globalists and its threatening the status quo! Keep at it Alex!

  3. Soros also said on another 60 minutes interview that he's not sorry he caused the Asian Crisis, which caused the meltdown of Thailand and a series of other Asian nations economic systems. (Keep in mind that 3rd world nations have no social safety nets, so people go homeless and starve and LITERALLY beg, not fat people standing on street corners with signs like in the states). Soros blamed Thailand for having a banking system with faults he could exploit. Soros is an evil psychopath with zero conscience.

  4. I have been warning people for years that the mainline news is nothing but Nazi news! So many are blinded. Hoping that the open censorship will cause more people to wake up! We disconnected from the mainline news about a year ago, never, never, to go back!

  5. This is a Jewish attack on White Christians yet again! Billy Graham and Martin Luther was right. Look at the ADL the SPLC and Michael Bloomberg, CNN all Jewish!

  6. I love pissing off Alt right cuckservatives.

    Quick somebody get Alex a safe space away from all the scary Liberal boogeymen.

    Censorship sure sucks balls when you're the one censored eh? How about all those people you blocked from your channel? Fucking hypocrite.

    You are the definition of Fake News

  7. I love you Alex! You have NEVER been wrong about anything and I will continue to spend 32% of my income on your various Godsends converted to pill form. I'm considering wiping out my retirement and donating it to you because I CANNOT fight the Demoncrat SCUM like you can. My wife is really sick but God can take care of her. I can tell you NEED my retirement to fight YOUTUBE.

  8. If you weren't such a lying scumbag, Google wouldn't censor you. The 10000 people Google is hiring aren't SPLC members, and many of them aren't even liberals. You also spread bullshit about gender. Many organisms don't have a gender and some hermaphrodites, meaning they have both genders, so your argument there is pure garbage. I have a hard time believing you don't even bother to research before you make your asinine statements. It likely that you knowingly lie. "There's a sucker born every minute."


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