Larry King Live, August 2007.



  1. I have all the respect in the world for him being thrown into all this and clearly he has spoken the Party Line throughout his career. There is Absolutely way more that isn't Being Told. Listen to 25th anniversary speech given by Neil Armstrong himself. The fact is we don't need to spending Money On Sending signals Across The universe To see if they exist. They show up on this Earth everyday And Someone takes A picture.

    When there Is a large gathering they Let us know where they're from. When They Start Separating into Different lights and formations They Usually Start in 3 Formation And Switch off from There. They are Showing us the DIff constellations. They Are Warning us about Global Warming. If Ya Think About it, If the reports are true About Pyramids On Mars And the moon, it makes Sense. If both had Previous Life that are Gone And the temp Of Mars Is THe Highest of them ALL, It stands to Reason WE are NEXT.i

    God Creating Them Like he Created all Forms of life. He built A Universe That is Extensive And these Beings I Truly believe Are thousands of Years ahead Of Us. They Are not here for war but i Believe If Gets bad enough, that is The conditions OF this Earth; THey will Intervene And it Will Not BE Pretty. That is what I Believe And have since I was AChild growing up My early YEars In Teaneck,Nj; When MY CHildhood friend's Dad worked for Nasa during the Apollo Years. He told us THEn there was talk of structures up therE. Sorry about the Typing This Kindle is pissing me off

  2. Hey,larry now you are a terrorist ,how do you like being called a TERRORIST you are a traitor of America, burn in our hell you fucken loser i hope your family sees this but im sure you told them about nwo,and what all your media is doing fuck israel and fuck you to ….lock and load we are on are own …..nonr jews wake THE fuck up others are waiting…learn YOUR LASER…now go out side and tell your friends and family ……

  3. First we hear that the moon landing was faked . Then we hear about aliens sighting ,then we hear that the films and recordings with proof of aliens sighting have been erased !
    How much bullshit can we listen to ? For the rest of time the only thing that can be documented is the only thing that has already been documented. Yes we put a man on the moon . Is it true ? well it is true and the new generation and future generations will believe it . In schools our children and the children of our children learn about the manned mission to the moon. Do I believe it ? After so much controversy I am buggered if I know what the truth is ! I don't care anymore … It is strange though how America is the only nation in the world who put a man on the moon… Even stranger how we stopped going to the moon …Hang on I forgot . There are aliens up there . But on Mars there are no Aliens- so we can go to Mars !!!!!!.

  4. personally i dont fear aliens infact i have more fear for zombies than aliens,because if theyve been observing us,then they know that we inferior to them,like we view animals like a chimp,but i still dont know why the governments love to hide that shit from us,i understand it would scare a few millions,but at some point you gotta deal with the fact that there are aliens out there with far more superior technology and way more intelligent than us,cuz one day we will probably have Star trek like warp cores and when that happens we will probably have encounters with other species and maybe even seek open diplomatic relationships

  5. It was one of the panels… but it was at least 100 miles away. So… it's still there, yes? Why not just release pictures of the "panel" to stop the questions? Why not? Maybe because it wasn't a panel at all. Maybe because they have no freaking clue what it was!

  6. Millions watched as the shuttle left, millions watched the landing on t.v., millions watched them come back! Y leave negative comments & watch these awesome vids at the same time if u "supposedly" don't believe?

  7. Buzz couldnt admit extraterestrial life and activity on the moon.especially after the government warned him never to speak about it.he must think about his children and grandchildren

  8. Cant believe they would cut off Buzz the way they did! Jesus fucking Christ, you want ratings? you want a news story? The man is telling you the biggest story ever and he isn't allowed to talk??? WTF??


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