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  1. The full picture is mind-blowing, David talks about reptilian stuff. Check out Mark Passio for more about this angle. Amazing how David has been right long, royals, dark forces, much more than just bankers.

  2. Even the Bank of England has published that banks create loans out of nothing.. while we slave away to pay off a fictional debt and they keep the interest. 97% of our money supply is created this way, requiring more debt to be taken on or else the economy stalls. One of the biggest scams ever.

  3. I am 70 and have moved to Swansea back in 2000 for a career development course at the University, and purchased a share ownership after selling my house in Gloucestershire, because it was the cheapest way to live. Then I could not return and was separated from my children who are adults and living in Shropshire and Worcestershire now. My flat has lost value and now I can't port my mortgage to another property to relocate because Halifax has discontinued the interest only kind of mortgages and their range has been taken over by Scottish Widow. However this lender does not want to lend for share ownership which means that the price I have access to is but £49,000. There is no property in Britain for that price unless it is a share ownership. It's a trap!

  4. God Almighty Bless The Liars….(f,s,h,s)

    I can have, a million pounds in the bank today, and ten trillion dollars, in the bank tomorrow, but my working philosophy, is always child murder, so I reap what I sow, which is slave animals and ravenous dogs, in all truth and honesty, so go to hell, devil worshippers, in Jesus' name, you are clearly insane.
    -The Angel Of Death.

  5. It use to be called slavery. Now we just call it capitalism. You are forever in debt to the masters, the don't use chains and whips, they use physiology to make sure we put the metaphorical chains on ourselves. To ensure compliance every slave is forced to compete against each other for the scraps, if you fail, you're made to think its your own fault. Good luck

  6. Mortgages and loans are an economic treadmill.
    You end up working hard to pay off your loans and therefore the economy succeeds meanwhile you wear out and live a life in economic prison.
    Jump off the treadmill, buy a cheap car you can afford, buy a small home you know you can pay off with cash and then renovate.
    You are then free to live your life choices.

  7. I worked and saved and when I had enough money I paid cash for a home and still did not own it. I paid rent to the town in the form of property taxes every year. Never again.

  8. No American owns a home except the Rothschilds, who own all the land as payment for funding the Civil War. I paid off my house, and my grant deed lists me as a "tenant".

  9. David, thank you! Read all your books! Love them! I'm pre-approved for $400K in Sonoma County, California and cant touch anything! Unless it is a "polished-turd". I'm looking to move an hour north just to do what I would like to do-pottery!

  10. Alot of the young today don't want to own their own home, why would they when they now they can sit on their asses smoking drugs and have the tax payer pay for their council house, bills, drugs, booze. Half of these bums don't even need to sign on because their fiddling the disability or pip. Most of the youth in the UK today are antisocial, useless and just plain idol.

  11. I wouldn't worry too much about those things, I recon the Dark Cabals that determine the rules of the game in this world are likely to nudge a near earth orbiting asteroid out there, to hit us and wipe out a huge portion of the world's population. You don't need to use much force if you do it long enough before the planned impact. I imagine the Apophis asteroid would fit the bill very well

  12. The reason why people can't afford to buy homes is down to human greed, properties are only worth what the indigenous population and foreign investors are prepared to pay for them. Don't pay over the odds for a property, bust always follows boom so just wait for the market to collapse.

    A lot of young people have parents who are homeowners and they will inherit these mortgage free properties when their parents die.

  13. If you flood the country with migrants, obviously the supply and demand curve will reflect in the prices. But wait.. oh no, that’s not pc, let’s blame the pensioners for not dying sooner.

  14. Well, it is harder and harder to live on your own property, bills just keep on rising, prices also keep on rising, and dont let me even start about heating.. Thats a killer bill..
    And many people would like to move closer to nature, grow their own food in their gardens, or move to mountains or lakes, but they cant because it is either private property of someone rich or if not, then government wont let you be there..
    Alot of people lose their homes because glass of debt just keeps on getting bigger and bigger, and once that happens, they have nowhere to go. It is illegal sleep in the park, it is illegal to sleep on the bench, it is illegal to beg for money since most places will call cops on you… for begging for food… Then also it is illegal to dig some park or some empty planes somewhere and make your own garden,. And let us not mention that you cant even get the seeds, since companies now own production of plants and they have copyrighted seeds, and they live only for one season….
    it is illegal to fish without expensive licence, it is illegal to hunt without expensive licence…
    That is literally a willful genocide.

  15. Bad Man Skill, you r RIGHT ON THE MONEY MAN!!! After what J.F.K. did to the FED, they took no more Chances about who's put in office. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the LAST PRESIDENT OF THE PEOPLE- BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE!!! 🎸💚

  16. It's nothing short of appalling in the UK and several other countries I know of. Aside from recognising all the complications you speak of, there is simply no one in charge. Hence, why the banks are having a field day, the builders are having a field day, the landlords are having a field day. Governments are the lackey's of the hidden hand. What's the answer? Public must demand that the government create a National Government of [Country] and lend money to the people to buy homes at a proper contract rate.

  17. In the US we have a new invention called a reverse mortgage. Wherein you hand over your home to the bank who manages your equity to cover the interest due on a loan sufficient to last until you die. You no longer have a house payment, but once you die the bank is in line to take the property should your heirs be unable to pay the outstanding mortgage when you pass. It's designed for people with one foot already in the grave. It works for the bank.

  18. I'm in agreement with most all of what was said, but…people do have bigger houses than they need. I do want to size down to a house of 1000 sq feet or even less. In my office right now, I have a book shelf and a 3 drawer cabinet with a desk. A lot of wasted space. More space more space to heat or cool. More stuff to accumulate. But yeah, microhouse 200 sq feet? Nah.

  19. Large navies made possible the movement of large armie across the world's oceans, enabling the invader to illegally and immorally seize controll of the intended target land. The European Aristocracy, while preaching love of king and country, licked their lips in anticipation of rapeing the newly aquired property and it's indigenous people. The Aristocracy with its influence over its " so called" political leadership" could dispatch its conscripted army to bleed and die on these foreign shores to further enrich , not Mother Land but their own fortunes.Men died defending their homeland. More men died while serving next as provincial soldiers dispatched to devour another piece of real estate for "The Royal Masters ". And so it goes, on and on and on


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