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Alex Jones investigates the lies and those who tell them in positions of power. He has expressed outrage at these families for over 25 years.


Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

Colorful, futuristic sets, a relentless pace and an action-packed climax highlight the fourth episode of the legendary Apes saga, starring Roddy McDowall and Ricardo Montalban. The time is... source

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

The "Angels", three investigative agents (Barrymore, Diaz and Liu) who work for the Charles Townsend Detective Agency, return for another high-octane series of adventures as they investigate... source

The Whistleblower

Inspired by actual events, Kathy (Academy Award® winner Rachel Weisz) is an American police officer who takes a job working as a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia. Her expectations of...

Joe Rogan: Rocky Mountain High

Perched high above it all in Denver, Joe Rogan¹s brand-new one-hour stand-up special, "Rocky Mountain High," has a clear perspective. Tune in to find out the real meaning of...

Transporter 3

Frank Martin has been pressured into transporting Valentina, the kidnapped daughter of Leonid Vasilev, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency for the Ukraine, from Marseilles through... source

Seven Days in May

It happens with startling swiftness and violence. An armed cadre seizes state control. Fortunately, a coup d'etat can't happen here. Or can it? A classic of suspense directed by...

Enemy Mine

Hatred between a grotesque alien and his human enemy gives way to friendship and respect when their survival on a desolate planet relies on peaceful coexistence. source

Born on The Fourth of July

Oliver Stone's Academy Award -winning masterpiece, based on a riveting true story, stars Tom Cruise as an eager volunteer for the Vietnam War who becomes a paralyzed and embittered...


Starring the explosive talents of Bruce Willis, Academy Award(R)-winners Ben Affleck and Billy Bob Thornton, Liv Tyler, Steve Buscemi, and Will Patton, ARMAGEDDON is a meteor storm of action-advent... source

America: Imagine The World Without Her

The new film from the creators of 2016: Obama's America takes America's critics at face value and imagines a world in which she never existed. Through riveting interviews and...
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Another Declassified UFO Sighting Over The East Coast By The U.S. Government.

Another Declassified UFO Sighting Over The East Coast By The U.S. Government. More videos from Of Sound Mind And Body: NASA's Amazing Flybys Of...

Steve Quayle on The Hagmann Report 10/27/16

Hour 1: News and Analysis Hour 2:: Guest: Steve Quayle & Ross Powell Hour 3: Guest: Steve Quayle: Will you Choose Life or Death...