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Strange Light in the Sky (UFO Sighting 2017)

UFO spotted streaking through the sky over Cley Hill near Frome Love the Paranormal? Want to see the weirdest, creepiest and most bizarre things ever caught on camera? Check out our PARANORMAL PLAYLIST: https://goo.gl/kY0S6T Please comment, like and subscribe for more Thanks for watching! ——- *MORE VIDEOS* Real People with Superpowers (Caught On Camera) 10 […]

Best UFO Sightings 2016! SPACE To EARTH UFOs Caught On Camera!

LookNowTV Presents! The best UFO sightings 2016! UFO videos from The UK, NASA, and Europe! From October 2015 to the Sumer of 2016, we analyze UFO . Here is a compilation of the best UFO sightings of 2016 from around the world, all caught on tape. None of the videos featured can be verified as […]

Phoenix Forgotten

Twenty years after three teens vanished while documenting the famous “Phoenix Lights” UFO sighting, their shocking footage has been found…and the truth will finally be revealed. source

A New Theory of the Universe

Cracks in The Rainbow GLOBAL PODCAST https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGNk9Y37Eoue7Gj7u4j29vg 2017 daily updates, subscribe for latest releases … Top 5 Ultimate Shows on PODCAST AFFILIATES / Must Listen !!!!! Graham Hancock Mars Had a Civilization Multi Billion Dollar Secret Tunnel Nephilim Fleet Of Antarctica, Their Exit Strategy of Earth, Heirs to their Technology in Antarctica Atlantis in Antarctica […]