William Cooper

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William Cooper – L’Alba degli Uomini (Mystery Babylon 1)

William “Bill” Cooper – L’Alba degli Uomini. Massoneria – Nuovo Ordine Mondiale – Simbolismo Occulto – Manipolazione – Astroteologia – Eugenetica – Gruppi di Potere – Società Segrete… source


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William Cooper – The Lost Interview (Subtitulado Español)

William Milton Cooper dedicó una buena parte de su vida en la búsqueda de ovnis y esta es la conclusión la cual ha guegado source

William Cooper: the Driver killed JFK

William Cooper on KUTV News, May 15 1991 the driver killed JFK source

The most important broadcast you will ever hear – William (Bill) Cooper

No. 20 of the best radio show ever. Milton William (Bill) Cooper gave his life so we, one day, could be free. Download this Book as a PDF right here: https://ia802705.us.archive.org/32/items/fundamentallaws00ordegoog/fundamentallaws00ordegoog.pdf My original title: “William (Bill) Cooper – The Hour of the Time – 68th Convocation of the Rose Cross Order”. source