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  1. I purchased and read this book in 2002. I had already done research on these topics, but this book took the information I had previously read completely over the top.
    It provided me with unbelievable reference points for even more research. I look forward to pre- ordering.

  2. Are you really a reptilian I mean the more you hide it the more suspicious I become suspicious of you being good If you are a reptilian it's obvious you are benevolent so y hide

  3. “Deep inside the skull of every one of us there is something like a brain of a crocodile. Surrounding the R-complex is the limbic system or mammalian brain, which evolved tens of millions of years ago in ancestors who were mammal but not yet primates. It is a major source of our moods and emotions, of our concern and care for the young. And finally, on the outside, living in uneasy truce with the more primitive brains beneath, is the cerebral cortex; civilization is a product of the cerebral cortex.”

    — Carl Sagan, Cosmos p.276–277

  4. The reptilian brain, the oldest of the three, controls the body's vital functions such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature and balance. Our reptilian brain includes the main structures found in a reptile's brain: the brainstem and the cerebellum. The reptilian brain is reliable but tends to be somewhat rigid and compulsive.

  5. I started reading this book after I bought Phantom Self for my father. Very interesting and insightful. There is so much information about these entities. I used to scoof at the idea of reptilians, but after a few years I kept an open mind about it and did some research on it. People tend to dismiss what they don't understand, or don't want to believe. If you keep an open mind about it and keep digging for information, there is some shocking evidence that can't go unnoticed. I understand David might feel uncomfortable talking about this subject in front of a big crowd, because it does sound far fetched and a bit 'out there', but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be ignored!

  6. this was your first book i read.. its really a masterpiece!! 🙂 ..especially on the hidden suppressed history of the earth.. and massive evidence on the reptilian/Nordic past!.,mars..and more. much love David! : D

  7. Everyone is passive, complacent SLAVES. That is what I don't understand how people just accept their chains always never questioning the scholars and science or school books.

  8. Who are they?
    They have silently pervaded all sectors of our society, just like they did in the times of Atlantis.
    You think Atlantis is a myth? You better think again.
    Our reality has been and is to this very day completely manipulated by powers behind the scene.
    You can blame the fascists, communists, capitalists, zionists, Jesuits, christians, catholics, Islamic, muslims, jews, atheists, templars, rosicrucians, freemasons, you name it, they don’t give a f***, because they only own allegiance to themselves and their blood rituals that feeds this matrix. They are mastermind deceivers, they twist reality, playing one against another, they create the problems and come up with the solutions, they create and finance all major conflicts, look at ww1 and 2 for example, by financing both sides. Ludicrous? Impossible? You better wake up, this is not a joke. THEY DON’T GIVE A F*** ABOUT HUMANITY, WE ARE CATTLE TO THEM.
    You think Kings or Queens, Emperors or Presidents have all the power? You better think again, because even with all their might, they are nothing more than temporary puppets in the hierarchy structure on this plane of existence, and who doesn’t comply or stop complying, is removed from the board.
    We are living Atlantis all over again, we are living Egypt all over again, we are living Babylon all over again, we are living the roman empire all over again.
    We are stuck on a repetitious cycle, nothing is new.
    When we start gaining knowledge and wisdom, it implodes on us all and we have to start over.
    They hide the truth, they don’t want us to know we are on a plane, not a planet, they put a cross (T) on the plane, just like they did with jesus, which is the sun that gives us warmth and life, walks on water, transforms water into wine. Jesus is the sun, it always was the sun, and they are sacrificing all of this once beautiful creation, this earth/heart realm to cast upon us this big illusion we are living in.
    And we keep feeding and supporting this reality matrix, just like $laves…
    We are dead, lost at sea, we are the expendables…
    So much films about zombies…. Who are the zombies? It’s not them.
    The question is not who are they.
    The question is WHO ARE WE?
    They live, we sleep.

  9. Just look into the Ubaid culture which predated the sumarian in Mesopotamia. Eg The 7000 year old Ubaid lizard men artefacts found. Human bodies with lizard like skull features.
    According to the mainstream these were basic people!!!

  10. Love the information david. You really dont understand what you have done to help free me from this system and its so liberating. I wish i could have gotten to see you in person when you were in new york recently but life again didnt allow. Btw whats the theme music that comes on at the beginning of these videos?

  11. David, I read this in 2006 and 2010. Does this version have any updates, aditional infor etc? Keep right on Pal and as always, a big thumbs up to you!!

  12. This is so prolong & thought provoking! It gives me sleepless night knowing what else goes on that we are unaware of & it has given the infinite awareness to research for more answers! Merry Christmas David 👍

  13. I WILL BE HONEST I USED TO THINK SOME WEIRD STUFF ABOUT DAVID ICKE, BUT AFTER PUSHING ALL OF MY LESS INFORMED PIERS ASIDE I HAVE TO LEARNED AND COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND WHAT HE HAS BEEN THROUGH AND WHAT CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED BY HIS WORKS. BEING BRAVE AND STANDING UP AND TALKING ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE TRULY EXPERIENCED AND COMPLETELY OPENING UP TO THE WORLD IN ALL OF YOUR WRIGHTS AND WRONGS , DEPRESSIONS AND INDISCRETIONS TAKES NOT ONLY BRAVERY IT TAKES A WHOLE SOLE AND ONE THAT IS COMPLETELY IN-TOUCH WITH THE SELF. Weather David had indiscretions is irrelevant I believe he does so do we all ,however the way to complete freedom and to remove the hook that holds us to this evil and reptilian dominated society is to just come clean weather it be in a satirical sense or just flat out talk to the world of people who are informed once you have freed your SELF you can see the world for what it really is and start to actually Live instead of just existing.

    David Icke I have you to thank you for my freedom. If it was not for you I would have gone along my entire life thinking that all these small stupid little things that no one cares about were bad, it turns out they were not bad things, they were things I were made to believe were bad by the stupidity of our modern and current societies view that is pushed onto them in a group-think fashion and massive pier pressure.
    I believe we are born with our moral centre intact , It is the Education system , main stream media , movies , ill informed/stupid parents and part of society that destroys that moral centre. otherwise i believe we would be near perfect creatures and treat each other with perfect truth and intent

    Love Grant.

  14. This book is still fantastic to this day, you're a great man David. Your life and career is an inspiration to myself and many people massively. I'm grateful to you for your work, it has been phenomenal to learn from someone who knows what they are saying and is willing to overstep the line and delve into matters many others were too blind to perceive. Your career is an eye opener to the true nature of our collective reality. I look forward to catching one of your events in the future. Keep it up and kind regards. Live long and prosper 😛

  15. Hello, sir!
    I love your videos. I know there are now more urgent topics than this but when you have the time could you research Finland as it has a deep connection to Russia and EU?
    For example, in my humble opinion, i think one of our zionist parties, National Coalition Party* (the "national" part rather meaning globalism, not nationalism*). They were granted a win in our 2011 national election by some big players in Europe, and one of our former politicians Paavo Lipponen hoaxed the nation into the EU and euro without a proper voting possibility. If you were to look into the reptilians of Finland, i would suggest Paavo Lipponen, Alexander Stubb and Jyrki Katainen. Stubb is supposed to be related to James Cameron and with Katainen they both are dirty little minions for the EU/zionism.
    Also we have the newest hoaxer, the neo-conservative, the Israel-loving, catholic head of the The Finns Party called Timo Soini. He took the hate that our nation had against the EU-hoax and the migration-hoax, and supressed it into nothing productive. The Finns party was the last "hope" for our nation as most of the people still believed in voting 2011.

    Thank you for all who read this.

  16. Children Of The Matrix, Sounds like an informative read. will be purchasing this As soon as i can find a re-seller in Australia I like to have the printed hardcover as i find that the digital versions are going to be useless should the computers we use become inoperative , IE Solar Storm.


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