So simple and very true!!! Recorded on the 20th May 1996 A brilliant excerpt from a series “The Turning of the Tide” thanks to AntiVirusXVI …



  1. Fears there for protection, try loving a bear as it chases you through the woods. It's all survival and you'll change your ideology at the flip of a coin when your life's at stake.

  2. @FAKEPAIN it isn't connected by emotion it is connected by quantum entanglement electromagnetic flux and gravity. The galaxy won't have its own emotions until Sylphe turns the whole thing into an extension of her mind with matryoshka brain dyson spheres connected via a quantum nervous system forming a galactic neural network,.

  3. @PinkProgram its well understood, that you cannot understand anything in isolation of its context. Which is the whole universe. Its one big dance, in which nothing is determined, but all is related.. well thats how I see it 😉 take care

  4. @PinkProgram Maybe its your ego that convinces you, that you are allienated, seperated from the outer world. It's all you! It's one! everything is related, connected etc.. You need rocks, what were you gonna stand on?

  5. @PinkProgram absolutely not, from love you take action.. without love you would only serve your ego, not minding hurting others in the process. What is life without love? must look really bleak. To me its the most energetic state of being. It is a way of comming together and appreciating eachothers uniqueness. He who suffers from an impotence of the heart may verry well become sadistic, because hes feels powerles in his own expression of life he needs power over others.

  6. @FAKEPAIN it is your ego that believes you are more than an ape on a rock at the outer arm of the galaxy. There is no field of life. Life is only connected by ecology. Organisms feed on organisms to survive with plants feeding on sunlight at the bottom of the food chain. What you are calling love is the hoax. It is a nice ideal bu only exists in the space between your ears ^_^ You need real solutions not love. Love is an excuse to do nothing.

  7. @PinkProgram Well then certainly we have the opposite definition of true love. The way I see it when you truly love you have undone yourself from the illusion of sepparation. Too see everything as one interconnected living field of life. When you love, you give of that which is alive in you. What we have learnt, is love.. where you love one person and are indifferent to all other forms of life.. is a hoax, an enlarged egotism. Give and you shall receive


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