This footage comes from Carlsbad, California which is a city near San Diego & Calafia, by using binoculars and and iphone Hayley Higgins managed to catch this stunning view of the lights that…



  1. These are not flares.
    Flares do NOT stay 100% stationary in 40 mile an hour wind gusts. Fox news was so quick to try to say it was a military exercise…LoL! What an obvious cover up.
    They are here to help humanity.
    They do not want us to destroy ourselves.
    Please open your minds.
    Do not be afraid earth child.

  2. We also captured several sets of Brilliant Orange Crafts just off of Rosarito Beach, as several sets turned On and Off, and changed positions several time, for over 30-Minutes before disappearing back into the Sea…We also received a (Full Trance)Telepathic Communication/Transmission from the Commander of the Orange Ships, that are benevolent Amphibious Humanoid Beings, and other Alien Beings that are conducting many studies to help our depleted Ocean, and have an underwater base off Rosarito Beach, with many others around the Pacific Ring of Fire, from the North Pole to Antartica…they Guardians of the Oceans, and are of Service to Humanity and the planet…!!

  3. Nice catch… very triangle shaped… more fallen ones technology… I capture crazy stuff on live cams, undeniable proof…just yesterday I proved the ISS CANADARM holds the projector that simulates the sun…so keep showing the truth and come see some of mine…. God is good and God bless..

  4. This is some of the best footage I've seen in a long time! She did a great job of filming it. I thought maybe flares at first but with that wind, no way. I think this might be the real deal. I hope there are more videos to come.


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