1. When the revenant came down
    We couldn't imagine what it was
    In the spirit of three stars
    The alien thing that took its form
    Then to Lebanon, oh God
    The flashing at night, the sirens grow and grow
    Oh, history involved itself
    Mysterious shade that took its form
    Or what it was, incarnation, three stars
    Delivering signs and dusting from their eyes

  2. Well, I am putting together a playlist that I have titled BD CAMP EASY LISTENING for our, mine and my wife's 60th birthday celebration bash at the children's music camp we run on a lake in Vermont. Anyway, I have two list's, one for dancing and one just to have in the background and this song is on it. The first time I heard it was in Kent, England, where we had rented a self-catering cottage to celebrate XMAS when we visited our older son, who was doing his junior year abroad at Oxford. The younger son, a freshman at Yale had this and other songs by Stevens on his ipod. The memories just flood in and it almost makes me cry!

  3. This song is so special. I have a theory that if two people look into each other's eyes for the entirety of this song they'll have no choice but to fall in love. I've yet to test it.


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