BBC Three 15 October 2012 Are we alone in the universe or have we been visited by aliens? If the answer to the last question is yes, have the world’s governments been covering up this incredible…



  1. Once saw a giant green laser that was like 10ish feet in diameter go across my yard and lit up the neighbors yard, then moved to our roof and stayed there for about a second, then vanished. My brother saw it too. We were both kinda just like what the fuck was that. No idea, could be a kid in an airplane with a laser pointer or something.

  2. Bridget saw a space craft over a very busy freeway where thousands would have seen it but still thinks she is correct with everyone else wrong. This is why you cannot argue with a conspiracy theorist on this level of denial. They do not use logic or evidence in their views. They have a bias outlook that they will hold to no matter what.

  3. Its amazing that when someone, if they genuinely believe they saw that, doesn't do an inkling of introspection like "why didn't the other hundreds of people not see it on the packed 405 intersection down from the airport."? "have I been sleeping well?" "do I have new meds?" nothing but… "It was there!" I have seen UFOs while in the presence of 3 people… I was asked on the radio what I thought they were. I said "identified, flying objects". Oh, BTW there is a northrop grumman prototype and testing facility across the road from where she was.

  4. Aliens have learned to cross time and space, vast un-travelable distances. Solution to defeating these vastly more intelligent beings? A 2 dollar roll of tin foil. Shit, I guess they didn't think of that. Silly aliens running home with their tails between their legs. Because they have tails. I saw them.

  5. What is more likely? Hallucination or alien visitors? Given the FACT that Humans are VERY susceptible to hallucination, why does anyone believe everything one sees? Certainly I do not. If an alien visited me I would think I was losing my mind.

  6. If you study a lot of the Cattle Mutilations, they were done near outbreaks of mad cow disease. It could be that some of them are the cattle industry or large corporations, testing for mad cow disease outbreaks. Some of the earlier cattle mutilations could be because of underground nuclear bomb testing and the CIA or military is testing our food supply.

    It doesn't have to be extraterrestrial in origin though.

  7. This programs ideas of educating people is about as laughable as the idea of a lie detector test. If someone believes something to be true they can pass it, easily. Taking a lie detector test implies one believes another is just full of shit. If she had some sort of mental breakdown at the time, this isnt the best way to help her. This guys a moron.


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