Video: Chris White Ancient Aliens Debunked: Original footage used with permission from Darren Nemeth.



  1. You are wrong! As story goes? He mover to new place! He dismantled his home and moved! He told drive to go around bush and he will load a few ton rock on truck! Drive said ok ya!!
    So driver went behind bush and heard the word done?? As he came out from behind bush rock was on his truck?? How we don't no!

  2. Great video thank you so much for finally helping me to make my peace with Coral Castle. Like another person had mentioned where did the mystery come from? Because in the film you can clearly see a lot of people saw him using his equipment so where did the mystery really come from?

  3. this may explain SOME things about Coral castle but if you think he did all of this by himself with a chain hoist a a chainsaw type chain and a buck saw…get real…go do anything with stone or moving heavy items and you'll see alot is left unexplained. just as most believe the Egyptians built the pryamids but it's completely false just as alot of this explaination of Coral castle is. just my opinion

  4. I forgot to mention that when Ed moved his house one stone at a time, he loaded the stones on a flatbed trailer, one at a time. the driver of the truck didn't see any machines nearby, and the driver would be gone a short while. the stone's would be loaded or unloaded by the time he got back. with no machine
    in sight.

  5. I forgot to mention that when Ed moved his house one stone at a time, he loaded the stones on a flatbed trailer, one at a time. the driver of the truck didn't see any machines nearby, and the driver would be gone a short while. the stone's would be loaded or unloaded by the time he got back. with no machine
    in sight.

  6. mellowb your obviously not to bright, nor is the one who made this video.
    I have a booklet that Ed. leedskalnin wrote. I understand most of it. you or the person who made this video obviously hasn't
    read it. First of all, he didn't mention about the picture of the first stone
    that Ed cut out and raised.
    how did he wrap the stone underneath, and the side's, before he raised the stone, and how did he cut the stone downward, and underneath the stone,
    before he raised the stone. You and the one who made this video, want everyone to believe that the pyramid, and all the heavy stone's which weigh 200 tons or more
    around the world, was moved by pulling the stone's on rollers.
    by the way, l have my credentials. look up on line, the Pythagoras therom posted by Tom Hernandez. ferrmat's method of factoring by Tom Hernandez. however it might be to hard for you to comprehend.

  7. Good video but many gaps in the answers. Like, if the technique was so transparent why then all the mysterious? I mean moving big stones like that sure took some time and looks pretty noticeable but yet no one say they really saw him do anything? Even working at night I am sure people would see? Also even transported by modern machines would be a challenge today. Did his lifts have wheels? Nothing you said really debunked anything. The spinning door is cool but how do you align perfect so heavy. If you could duplicate today I would say debunked. But I see no one able to. It’s one thing to lift a large stone his way in a confined environment but it’s another to do it as a design and moving around in a open rough terrain.

  8. Ok, too much bs. I can't finish the video. It would be nice if some people would do some actual research instead of making a video attempting to debunk the real story. There has been too much equipment removed for any determination to be made about how the equipment functioned. There were people who actually witnessed Edward in action, and they tell quite a different story. Please do some more homework.

  9. Saw another video that explained all of the electrical equipment in the shed. He used pulsed dc from his "sweet little sixteen" to power large reciprocating stone cutters.

  10. So maybe the Egyptians were able to figure stuff out? Or maybe this old geezer was the only friggin person on the planet who figured out how to move big rocks without the help of Zurg from the Horse Head nebula?

  11. This video was created by the US government to cover up that aliens helped build Coral castle. US government does not want the public to know the truth about aliens 👽. It’s a cover up.

  12. I have been to Coral Castle. It actually was begun in Florida City (by Everglades) and trucked (at night) the move took 3 years. The heaviest stone was 30 tons. This was accomplished by using (at the time) an old republic truck. My question is, How did a little tiny REPUBLIC TRUCK move something that weighed 30 tons (back in 1930's) when even today our massive trucks would struggle at it?

  13. liked and subscribed. I've used all those techniques (…although, I prefer to just call a crane to move our limestone blocks nowadays…) I still want to go there sometime soon

  14. Finally, someone with their feet on the earth. I have to roll my eyes at documentaries that suggest paranormal events, aliens or some sort of levitation powers used to make this castle. If he could levitate the damned blocks, he would have built the castle in an afternoon, not over years. I guess it all comes down to what you want to believe for most people. I have a hard me wrapping my head around such nonsense since I only want to know the truth about these mysteries, not some mumbo jumbo I think is exotic and is what I really want to believe in. Of course, those who choose to believe in this pseudoscience tend to get quite hostile when a simpler and more rational answer is put forth. Probably because it shatters their world view, but who wants to believe in lies just to fulfill some fantasy? I’ll never understand that.

    Great job on this video and explanation. I can’t believe that in this day and age, most people still cannot understand the concept of leverage, especially when almost everyone has used a jack to lift their car at some point. Do they believe that the jack has magic or an ability to defy gravity? Probably. It’s like James Randi told me once, the average person cannot understand how a dry cell battery works, so it is just magic.

    I watched your other documentary about debunking Ancient Aliens and it was awesome. Fantastic job breaking it all down in an easy to understand format. Eric Van Daniken has no education in archeology or any other science. He was a scam artist who had found trouble with the law several times before writing Chariots of the Gods, which unfortunately became the second highest selling book behind the Bible. Unbelievable, and quite embarrassing for the human race.

  15. Actually you are wrong about the short distance he moved those heavy stones. If you knew the history of castle you would also know that most of the stones had to be moved from a different location either because of space or legal issue about where the old location was. I question some of the other items like the box, but I'm losing interest in know it all posters.

  16. I’m not a total disbeliever of some commonly criticized theories but I never understood how people thought he did this any other way?? I’m an EE that minored in ME and Just taking basic statics and dynamics courses would enable anyone to realize this was totally doable for one many over many many years of dedicated work.

  17. the video is a fake … the guy who looks like Ed is , in fact just an actor who looks like him …
    the footage is black and white , on purpose … you need to understand that Ed did all this during the recession , he had barely money, or none at all … he could not afford , back then, to pay someone to make a short movie about his work … if there is something we can be sure of, is that Ed was a very shy of the interest of the public … he avoided it, literally … he used to ride a bicycle without tires , he was riding on the rims … how could a guy like him have spent any money on a private video ? Think about it …


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