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  1. You Icke-tards just need someone to tell you you're not as fuckwittedly stupid as your teachers told you you were. But sadly for you your teachers were right.

  2. TV and the media are the places 99% of brain washing comes from. TV soaps and films are often where you the viewer are being made to accept certain types of people, behaviours, life styles and beliefs. And even though it initially pisses a large percentage of viewers off an even larger percentage of people will eventually succum to it. The really shallow minded people will even go on to endorce it in their private lives feeling they have now become intellects. And on the news programmes and in the press you will only be told what they want you to believe. The press and the news is controled to deliberately confuse you 😈 BE YOUR OWN PERSON.

  3. Last year was a real revelation of a year… this year is going to be even better…. these psychopaths will scurry away like the
    low life cowards they are…. bloodline inbred sickos…. beware, the house of cards is falling.

  4. Mr. Icke, You give us so many great videos with the "real truth" that I don't want to miss a single word. I am trying to do some catch up on your videos and find that sometimes the volume is extremely low. Unfortunately, I have to multi-task at times and not able to sit right at the computer so I was wondering if you would mind increasing your volume since my volume is up as high as it can go. Thank you, Mr. Icke. Thanks always for exposing the world as it really is!

  5. Hi David, antoine aka cybrsissy here. i stil remember the following trick and tip i send to the mainstream media in the netherlands in the days of george bush jr and rumsfeld and the whole she-bang and the smal experiment was very interesting. everything they stated in the media , i gave it the 180 degrees turn, so if they said, the war in irak is not about oil , it would become, the war in irak is about oil, and when you go back to all the things they said and you do my little trick, what you hear or read then makes a whole lot more sense, try it, its fun and eye opening, greets Antoine

  6. David Icke, pplease look at how the pharmaceutical companies are not happy with the absolute miracle that is MMS and DMSO such a simple cure all yet instead promoting this,after an involvement of lower level red cross cured a village of malaria red cross deny those people were ever there, its a formulation from the basic compound of chlorite,yet medicine companies whilst constantly refused a Patten are telling anyone who will lists its based on chlorine a different chemical all together.. Its cured everything from Autism to the comin cold and it is an excellent preventive to… Yet people are actually going to jail for making others aware. I'm quote disappointed that this hasn't happened to me yet , but take console in the fact y vibration is high. Its a cure for arthritis too might help with your shoulder xx Thank you for opening eyes mine included xx

  7. I think the September 11th attack was so minor I believe it is part of your double bluff concept. Why I say this is that all alternative media and commentators reckon it was a justification for the subsequent wars and upheaval in the middle east but it was all well underway beforehand.
    I do think that the west was behind the attacks and that it was an implosion though.
    The BBC make things up all the time and it is specially good at skewing history. It is the world media though in my opinion cos the British state is well practiced in propaganda due to its age and the fact it controls the wealth and has if not does control most of the world.
    If you look at Islamic theology and probably Christian philosophy you'll find the its quite symbolic to have a document surviving a fire or a burning. interesting.
    That journo is out of order when she talks about social workers, people try their best, they are the first to be pilloried when things go wrong and there's millions of directives.
    Why do you want the family courts to be public?, that's disgusting. Parliament is public but the cabinets are not, why wash the dirty linen around child abuse in public.
    As for the grocer, I don't know who he abused but if it was teenage boys you should have seen Cardiff bus station in the early 1970s, when kids from about 14 would troll for sex, it was rife as the men's toilet was a cottage.
    A lot of the time its boarding school as well and as unsavoury as paedophilia is, it is a sexual preference like homosexuality. Again look into the early 1970s and the Campaign for Homosexual Equality if records still exist, the sexualisation of kids was a theme and on the cards but swept under the carpet also.

  8. I always found it fascinating that when the Pentagon was 'hit' there was only one security camera that captured it (bare in mind how many cameras surely must be there) and the fact that the date and time was wrong on the footage too. Oh and no Plane debris either….

  9. I totally agree with you about what really happened regarding the 9/11 being an inside job. I saw a video by Walter Veith about it. He never said that it was an inside job, rather he presented facts and said to draw your own conclusion about it. I have thought that for over 10 years. It's a shame that so many people hate the people who were blamed for it. Do you have any relatives in the U.S.? I ask because you look like you could be related to someone that I went to High School with, except for your blonde hair.

  10. 53% Christ that number makes me cringe… Its appauling as an American to have to hear half my country is still asleep… 9/11 was supposed to shake us up. What it did is WAKE us up. We just need to do it faster!

  11. David most people in Britain are still fast asleep and more concerned about Coronation Street and EastEnders which by the way they think is real life we're all doomed.

  12. David,s right we all have to pull together, Put down this Racist crap because all it does is keep us fighting with each other, and keep,s us from dealing with the real problem. When push come,s to shove this 1% will Fuck us equally, and that Include,s The Military and cop,s. What do these Thug,s in uniform think will happen when there use fullness run,s out, They,ll all wind up in a FEMA camp or disposed of, If these Stupid Cop,s think there above it, Better think again, And I,ll bet my last Nickel on it, so better make a decision, Stick with the real people and work with us or if you think you might fit in with the 1%, your sadly mistaken because all you are is fool.s to them, Disposable Fool.s and a tool to further there agenda. Time for a serious reality check, so when they come knockin on your door, don,t say you weren,t warned. If you don,t believe me, Go get your Flu shot and refill your Prozac, because your part of the 99%. Dja

  13. Often criticised constantly mocked but never provened wrong.. David has done more for the human race than any world leader has done this century. The man simply stands alone. And every year that has passed in the last 10. He has simply become harder to ignore. Many many years from now the majority of mankind will be praising him for being one of the greatest voices of our times.. My only wish is that the rest of the world would hurry up and catch up with him.

  14. The contents remind me about how our government damn well knew the Japanese were going to bomb the hell out of Pearl Harbor … Let it happen to get the approval of the American people to enter WWII …

  15. David, have you watched The Alien Covenant? Have you considered the preparation it has taken them to drop this movie on us, the creator of these movies has been dreaming about these "reptilian" creatures since he was a kid, the detail is carefully maintain that they use us as a breeding vessel? I would be interested in your opinion, have you all noticed how cool our English is as opinions, the onion has many layers, which is awesome so we can change our opinions! Believe when this word is used know there is a lie attached! Faith, hope and love awesome words because we are infinite love and all possibility! Big hugs and stay alertxx

  16. David, I am sorry but you just speak too slow…
    I don't know if it is your following Galloway's speaking style, or what…
    But one can go to sleep by the time you complete a sentence, and may forget what you are actually talking about…
    I'd like listen to you, bur not like this…
    Please, speed it up a bit…! 🙂

  17. Im hesitant to put this message up as David Icke does talk about the big topics we need to try and change BUT….have any of you asked yourself how on earth does Mr Icke get away with saying all of this? ,,,Im not going to go any further….peace out

  18. The truth snowball in increasing in speed and size on a daily basis now David.

    You will be remembered and celebrated as one of the pioneers of freeing humanity from their chains.


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