In what can only be called a terrible move David Hogg or whoever is in charge of his Twitter account has challenged Alex Jones to a debate. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement,…



  1. It seens you're the last man standing. I can't find anything on screwtube covering the inconsistencies in this shooting narrative. This is not about guns, it's about censoring free speach.

  2. Why discuss anything with this generation of triggered laundry soap eaters who are confused about what restroom to use?
    As for this little shit stain I doubt both testicles have decended yet so what's the point of giving him his 15 minutes of fame sitting at the adults table?

  3. Theres a video of David HOgg where his school debate partner says to Hogg that he is 25 and shouldnt even be in his school and HOgg answers back "Shocking" I posted it on my FB. Also the vid was on a website that I shared from because they removed it on Youtube.

  4. SIMPLY EXPRESSING AN OPINION IS NOT "BULLYING'! But of course, to leftists, disagreeing with them is always thought/said to be "bullying." This is BS!! DON'T PUT UP WITH IT, PEOPLE!!! This is no longer "YOU" Tube. It's CorporaTube. And the 'MSM' (yeah, that's why they're going under so bad they have to resort to this) does lie — ALL THE TIME!

  5. Honestly Alex I love ya man but David Hogg is real. 100% American, I know his dad. Great guy! Definitely lived in Florida and I wouldn’t lie to you. People are believing that it’s fake are incredibly flawed from all angles on the situation. Unfortunately, everyone in Florida has a gun so there probably won’t be anything we can do about the NRA. Should they ban certain types of weapons? Yes! Should the government raise the age? Yes! Should there be a ruling on shooting video games and violent shows in the form of clear warnings on the screen? Why not?

  6. So take YouTube to court!! Force Google to come clean and stop being politically corrupt!!
    We all know Google is biased, thanks to James Damore.
    They need a lawsuit against them!

  7. Remember the guy in the street on 911 who 5 minutes after they come down say " yes, the fuel weakened the steel , that's how they come down " Hell this Hogg reminds me of him – total BS , set up actor for the DEEP STATE – AIPAC is the real enemy of the USA.

  8. And why are they all Nazi informants from FBI/police family's(cults)…Going on Real Time with Bill Maher (whose also a Nazi, condoning this rhetoric)..Their the voice of the FBI, not the voice of their generation or America…Expose them and take away their federal money. Point out if they didn't oppress, demonize and frame him for the fbi those students would still be alive (Cause & Effect).They should take personal responsibility, hold the federal and local government accountable for their crimes against humanity. Expose the FBI and police for racketeering with psychiatrists and informants for political gains.Their as guilty as the government. If they take away people's right to own guns then these fake activist will be mass murderers and serial rapists just like the federal & local government .The CONSTITUTION'S RIGHT. How about protesting the corruption of the human trafficking Informant system trying to enslave everyone and the war on dissent.

  9. "EVERY MASS SHOOTER HAS BEEN ON SERETONIN RE-UPTAKE INHIBITORS" -WHY are people not making a big fuss about SSRI's? Why is everyone focusing on GUNS? These fools really need to get their priorities correct.

  10. I see that in the aftermath of Parkland’s terrible event, many in the shooting fraternity are starting to embrace concepts that will destroy the second amendment. We need to be careful of what we wish for. One theme we keep hearing is that there should be universal background checks on ALL firearm transfers. This IS bad. Universal background checks on private transfers—a brainchild of Michael Bloomberg, requires a background check for any transfer–even lending a gun–between private parties. Gun lending is most common among hunters, when hunter A has drawn a permit for an elk, for example, and hunter B may offer the loan of a rifle more suitable for such a large animal. This loan would now require a background check before the borrower can receive the weapon, and another background check before he/she could return it to the lender.

    Also, consider this: an FFL holder cannot be compelled to aid a private party sale by performing such a check, and many will not. They see the seller of a used weapon as a competitor. Two weeks ago, when a friend offered me a deal on a matched set of upper and lower receivers for an AR-15, I needed an FFL holder to receive it and perform the background check as it was to be shipped from another state. One local gunshop, Butch's guns, absolutely refused. He said they sell AR-15 receivers, if I'd like to buy one. He wasn't going to assist a private sale though!

    If no private sale could move forward without an FFL, and no FFL was willing to assist in such a sale, only new guns could be sold, and used guns in the hands of private parties would have zero value, even if you want to sell it to an FFL holder. Why would a gun dealer pay fair market value for a used gun if the owner can’t legally sell it to anyone else? What would be the fair market value of a gun you cannot sell without a third party’s cooperation? Alternatively, an FFL holder—if he was willing to handle the transaction–could charge whatever he deemed acceptable for the service—and after paying for the background check, it could be more expensive for the buyer to get the used private party's gun than to buy a new one from the FFL holder.


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