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  1. Obama made sure to massively increase the number of bitter leftists by giving student loans to any remedial high school graduate who can fog a mirror. When (or if) they graduate many will be precisely like the millions of Islamic Studies graduates who feed into the terrorist world – brainwashed, unemployable, and with a big sense of entitlement. Worse because they will owe an average of $35,000 student debt.

  2. David H is still pushing much pabulum and b.s. Notice his remarks about precious democracy, which is no legitimate form of government. One could not even establish a democratic government democratically, and it's evident that the people most obsessed with democracy are eager to stir up mobs to intimidate people who oppose totalitarianism.

  3. Universities are no longer worthy places of learning. The only worthy place to learn anything these days is in one's own mind in secret. I'd hire 10 people who all have different ideas over 1,000 people who only have 1 idea any day.

  4. He is a conservative, they are conservatives, everyone is a conservative these days.
    Bull fucking shit. i see no conservatives, just tired old leftists that have not really changed. WTF are you trying to conserve? Do you even know the thing you are supposed to be for?
    Conservatives my ass. bleeding heart liberals is what you are.
    A true conservative would call for government intervention. Laws have been broken, children have been victimised. treason has been committed.

    You wring your hands and look confused proposing nothing.
    News flash, magic does not work. Not on its own, it takes someone to make it happen. it takes a will behind it, a brain.
    You know the problem, you have it identified with astounding accuracy. Move damn, it propose a solution, what are you doing staring at the ground for?
    Doesn't matter right or wrong it will start the proses, people thinking about solutions to this
    A million and one proposals, some out there ,others with some merit . something will come out of it. a stop gap a patch something.
    You 're al talking about the problem, i could tell you what the problem is , wouldn't do any good. You have to arrive at the solution yourselves.

  5. I daresay that, in the 19th century, the universities were a lot healthier, because there is genuine moral content in the Christian message and its intellectual traditions, which you can't say of post modernism and the varieties of broadly Marxist thought in the humanities departments nowdays. In fact, a redenominalisation on religious lines, with freedom to establish such institutions without denominational restrictions, might be an improvement to the current state of affairs.

  6. Just as we need to disengage from Facebook and Twitter, we also need to disengage from the miniaturized Venezuelas known as "colleges and universities". And then find a few generous conservatives with deep pockets to endow (fund) some new conservative colleges along the Hillsdale model, where actual academic subjects are taught and the traditions of free speech and civil discourse are kept alive.

  7. Socialism is a political religion and a cult of personality based around Marx as their idol, and those who continue Marx's beliefs. After all, Khrushchev denounced Stalin's cult of personality in a speech before the State Duma, which was leaked. The arts and humanities have, indeed, reverted back to what they were in the 19th century and before, as indoctrination centers. Instead of learning the Catechism, you learn the Communist Manifesto. One must remember, that it was the church who started universities, and at that time, they were only intended to teach the landed gentry and monarchy, where they indoctrinated them with the Catholic faith. That later changed to include Protestant universities, etc.after the Reformation and that continued into the 1800s. Socialism is a regression in many forms.

  8. 1. The left–the communist worm–can't ever turn your back on 'em.
    2. Campuses are now run by cowards. Gotta wonder how a man looks at himself in a mirror to shave and tells himself, "you are a gutless worm" . . . without then slashing his own throat.

  9. People like Yuri Bezmenov – and many other communist defectors – were telling us in the 1970s what was happening AND that it was a very deliberate psychological subversion ATTACK on the west.
    This was designed to confuse and destroy what was formerly the best education system in the world.
    The massed media, lets face it populated by more marxists, made light of all the subversion accusations and accused anyone who sounded the alarm of being 'right wing extremists'.
    These generations of leftist students are now (irrevocably) lost. Entire generations are now no longer fit for purpose as leaders in their communities. While they believe that they are doing the right thing they are now highly dangerous.
    Listen to what Bezmenov says in youtube articles – 'Yuri Bezmenov public schools targeted'.

  10. If this is what they have done with their purity tests and virtue signaling than why haven't conservitives joined them? Conservatives have always loved this stuff and the tactics that go along with it. OH! right because they hate each other because they are the same people same tactics, actions just different delusions.

  11. It's objectional to refer to "the Left" as a unitary, uniform movement. That's similar to referring to "the Jews" or "the Catholics" or "the Italians" or "the Mexicans" as a unitary, uniform association of people. Anyone who speaks in absolute terms about what "the Left" or "the Right" say, I think you can be sure you are hearing a demagogue, not a philosopher. Should this channel be called "Demagoguery Insights"?

  12. I'm back at my undergrad school for my masters degree. Recently I went to the library to check out 2 books by Thomas Sowell. I checked the inside and was not surprised to discover the last time it was checked out was 1998.


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